Hi new member here. I have experimented with Alpha Brain first, then Focus Factor and Procera and in all of them I plateaued after three or four days.
So I thought why not save 30 dollars per bottle and stick to energy drinks. I am talking about hardcore ones like Redline, Spike and....Stimul8.
Question any interesting experience with Stimul8? I drank one today after I think four weeks, and I was totally in the zone. I won a minute long blitz chess game after being piece down and behind 20 seconds, optimized transaction during taking gas where I just went and said 11 cents change on pump number x only to get 6 dollars back where the man mistook it and I immediately gave him back, computed a 30 minute journey after visualization and the distance of the journey from the high school SIT formula where Distance equals Speed times Time, hit upon a brilliant hacking theory of an annoying supermart where I told my mom wouldn't it be great to shop 10 items go to 10 items lane and load'em in car and repeat instead of the other lines which are way too busy, and she luaghed because it is unrealistic as 10 item lines are equally busy..... and finally the highlight.
My sleeve button fell off during the trip when I made a stop at gas station. And I was at a party. So I hate sub-continental parties, I am Bangladeshi btw, lol, so I went to my car, first searched for thorns from roses, then I took out my house key ring which had a metallic coil which I straightened and improvised it into a needle, then after 30 minutes of huffing puffing stressing and zoning I finally fixed my sleeve button with bare hands, McGyver style homey. Lol.
Question 1: Anyone else tried Stimul8 and any interesting experience with it?
Question 2: How to optimize nootropic experience other than diet, exercise and intellectual hobbies?
Observation: Yes, today I did get tunnel vision, but I wasn't aggressive or anything when someone cut me off. Instead I was cool as a Briton for the most part and only thing I thought of was optimizing.

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