Actively looking for an nootropic alternative or stack to adderall/vyvanse. I am currently suffering with withdrawal. I am very unmotivated, significantly lethargic and depressed. I am aware of l-tyrosine but wondering if there is anything else?
5HTP on an emty stomach before bedtime should aid the depression...
Also, if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder but can't get out into the sun light, then high strength vitamin D is worth taking... I used to take provigil/modafinal but found it to have some unwanted side effects but phenylpiracetam is more effective... It depends on the individual
5mg Memantine or 750mg Agmatine + 50mg Schizandrol A + 500mg KSM-66 Ashwaghanda twice daily + 300mg uridine Monophosphate + 500mg Alpha-GPC + some sort of fish product containing DHA once daily . Selegeline will also boost your performance dramatically but it will probably slow down the rate at which your dopamine receptors recover.
I was taking 120mg Vyvanse plus 10-30mg ritalin like 3-4 days a week for a couple of years during college and tbh the way I recovered was by proceeding to abuse the hell out of DXM. Was using 600mg+ of DXM 4-5 times a week which ended up causing speech problem but completely reversed the dopamine imbalance in my brain. Definitely do not recommend that course of action. The speech problems went away within a few weeks of abstinence from the DXM. You might look into low dosing DXM though, I think it might actually be more effective than memantine or Agmatine.
Its day 7 without any adderall for me, i feel like crap which is how i came to this group i ordered kratom for day 1 took it didn't feel much until 3 doses in then i ordered nootropic noopet with choline nothing at all. So i suggest just riding it out. Like i said ive made it 7days without taking any but i don't feel right at all
5-htp is more related to Serotonin.. You want dopamine precursors.. However I'm sure the 5-htp couldn't hurt.. L-Tyrosine, Rhodiola, Mucuna, and L-theanine?
I quit a massive(gram a day) meth habit and know all about WD symptoms. The only thing that will truly truly "cure" you is heavy weight lifting/anaerobic sessions. The first week may feel like you are just going through the motions but your natural energy returns with a vengeance. Otherwise L-dopa/mucuna pruriens works well for me but it can also be neurotoxic and have its own WD, only good if you truly need to substitute. L-tyrosine did not work well for me but I've heard good things. Rhodolia seems to work wonders for me as well. Keep your diet very high in protein/BCAA's, you need these vital building blocks for neurotransmitter support.
I quit a 120mg/day Adderall habit cold turkey. Weed helps with stomach cramps, coffee helps with the lack of energy. That's all I needed, honestly.
Go for modafinil eventually, it is the best substance for Adderall or Vyvanse withdrawal . But adrafinil is no more taxing on the liver than alcohol. For about a month. Then I went to modafinil. Once you have managed to ween off the Adderall, try switching to n-acetyl semax. I don't use even the modafinil anymore unless I've just got a ton to get done and need to be a productive robot. I'm just stacking 300mcg a day of n-acetyl semax and N-acetyl selank. I have 3 young kids and the modafinil started to make me agro with the kids as I just wanted to work and not be bothered. The Semax and selank give me motivation and a great attitude no matter what I'm doing.
Try adrafanil and sunifiram nootropics, it is good for withdrawal symptoms from Adderall and Vyvanse, it may also be helpful to use caffeine and theanine I would try 5mg of sunifiram sublingual and then 300mg adrafanil 100mg of caffeine and 200-300mg of theanine
The things I know about sunifiram come from the longecity forum and from my own experience . My Brains chemistry was a mess because of some bad habits of the past and I also had depression. The mood lifting effect of sunifiram has been reported in multiple occasions from the longecity members ( sunifiram pioneers) Thanks to one of them sunifiram is now available. I know it's weird, but my answer to almost any question on any nootropics group or forum would be SUNIFIRAM . I really tried everything, but only sunifiram gave me the feeling of increased clarity and intelligence . What I noticed most was my ability to multitask. I was able to keep track of multiple activities like reading and following a conversation or tv at the same time. ( I tried that before sunifiram without exit) There are also people that don't respond to sunifiram . On Longecity you can also find critic voices about sunifiram . I love it and my life has got better in every aspect since I first tried it.
I'm with Antonio on this one, personal experience with the drug has shown remarkable potential. I've been taking 20-40mg daily for the past month and I have noticed a huge improvement in mood and verbal fluency, and it is anxiolitic. Everybody's brain chemistry varies somewhat, so I wouldn't expect our results to match 100% but it's potentially a cheap solution to your problem. Another one I advocate from reddit experience is modafinil. Clears that cloudy groggy feeling right up, just don't take it too far afternoon, else you won't be able to sleep!

Might try a coline source, could help with the fried feeling. And a multivitamin is a great idea, especially if you're not a healthy eater, like myself. Should aid in the recovery, as your brain can't repair without the right materials. And St. Johns wort stacks well with 5-HTP in correcting serotonin imbalance, assuming that was the cause of your depression. What antidepressants were you taking?
don't use 5-htp... 5 htp use the same carrier as tyrosine so in long term use it will deplete catecholamines (adrenaline noradrenaline and dopamine).. i think SJW + a racetam + a good diet seems a more reasonable choice
A psychologist friend once told me that one may need to boost their Glutathione after taking psychotropics and antideressants because they deplete the brain from this powerful antioxidant.

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