Adderall vs Qualia, Nootrobox, Alpha Brain, Optimind?

I went off adderall because of such a horrible side effects.I tried Qualia and it didn't do much for me. Plus they come in fairly large capsules which don't work for me. I ended up opening the capsules and mixing with a liquid.I ended it after I used the bottles I had.

I tried them because of a podcast (Ben Greenfield) which in retrospect really oversold them. In fact I quit listening to Ben because while he has a lot of good info on training, his sales model is selling supplements. Now I'm on modafinil.. to be certain Modalert by NeoModafinil


How to compare adderal to all posible noots from Qualia, Optimind, Nootrobox and Alpha Brain together?! id go with piracetam to get used to effects for a few days than a daily or multiple use weekly dosage of aniracetam @800mg (id prefer oxiracetam @800mg)....adrafanil @650mg for special social or work presentations...(makes you a little sweaty) modafanil same thing a bit better than adrafanil but harder to get...Actually Modafinil is the only noot whic is "comparable" to adderall 


Personally, I have been on Qualia for about 7 months and my focus (never been on adderall), mental agility, creativity, verbal acuity along with other cognitive enhancements, all have noticeable improvements. Coupled with an overall sense of wellbeing, confidence and resilience, I not only have the ability to take chances, I also acquired the ability to not get attached to the outcome of an apparent situation. As a engineer, record producer and entrepreneur, these are the qualities I need to be able to succeed in this nasty and unforgivable industry.

Mental clarity was something I could have never imagined. And trying to fathom the possibility of having mental clarity was laughable. Here is an example of how I know that this Nootropic is not a placebo. I'm laying here in my bed texting this post from my iPhone which is something I would have never done because I would not have the patience or the empathy I have now. With this patience and the ability to empathize, I now love to be around people,trying out new foods, reading and believe it or not, I really love playing video games. 

This is clearly the best stack out for the price. Don't take my word for it, just look at the ingredients and research each of them for yourselves and compare. It was the worst days in my life after coming off from adderall so I will never recommend it. Nootrobox, Alpha Brain, Optimind are on the target, will update soon.


I never took adderall but I would compare Alpha brain with Optimind, so 5 hours later... In these 5 hours i've felt great. I have less brain fog and I am able to put together words faster & reply to questions faster. My freestyling was better. Learning new chords and practicing them seemed "easier". My vision is still like HD and it does seem to help me concentrate on specific given tasks better. Socializing was more interesting for I didn't get bored atfer 10 seconds of someone talking lol.

Comparing it to Optimind, which is another nootropic i've experimented with, its not as energetic. Alpha Brain doesn't really give you a stimulating effect such as an energy drink would give you downed it too fast. No jitters. Just clear thinking. It doesn't make me wanna clean shit thats already clean or organize shit like adderal/vyvanse, i'd say it just makes you feel like your brain is working at a healthy optimal efficiency. I would like to stack it with caffine and see how the effects are, being caffine (pure powder form) is a stimulating drug. 

If you are looking for the kinda "motivation" that a prescription amphetamine will give you, this isn't it. But it's a nice alternative if you actually have ADHD and need to focus. Alot of folks that have prescriptions for ADD/ADHD just say so to get pills that make you more productive because of the highly stimulating effects of an amphetamine. You don't have ADHD, you are just lazy, and don't wanna admit you need help doing shit lol.

I will keep taking Alpha Brain for 2 weeks, for it claims it works better the more you take it.

After 2 weeks, if I like it i'll stay with it. If not, i'm gonna give another go with Optimind cause Optimind made me a little more motivated/stimulated/productive and sometimes thats what i'm looking for Will try Qualia and Nootrobox next time


Those 4 active ingredients....make a single drug. Unlike Qualia,Alpha Brain, Optimind...which does not. A stack...isn't the same thing as being chemically combined. Adderall is science; Qualia e.t.c. is marketing...of 42 ingredients.

Either way, Adderall will forever be better than some marketing scam with zero clinical support.

Adderall molecule:

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