250mg Phenibut vs 5mg Xanax for situational, and brief anxiety... Thoughts?

The xanax was prescribed for me after I developed anxiety after a medical emergency (I suffered multiple sudden cardiac arrests last year and was in a coma for a few days). My last bottle of 20 pills lasted me 7 months so I don't pop them unnecessarily. My interest is in something that helps in similar fashion, that I don't need a script for.

Aniracetam, L-Theanine, N-acetyl Selank amidate, Taurine, and Magnesium have been pretty good for me. The Xanax was only if I have a large public speaking engagement, executive briefing/presentation, etc. I have tachycardia, so my heart rate can shoot out of control when faced with a fight or flight response (I've hit 333bpm on an EKG). I have a pacemaker/ defibrillator that will shock me out of it but the idea is to be mellow and comfortable enough that it doesn't increase all that much. I'm already on a low dose beta blocker for it.


you want something for situational anxiety try propranolol. Replace xanax with Atarax. Same effect, no benzo, a cheap antihistamine for anxiety and insomnia. Works wonders.


2grams phenibut twice a week works wonders for me. I take it every Monday and Thursday for about a year in half now it's worked wonders for my socializing and sales atmosphere... i keep my dose at 2grams in the morning sometimes I'll add 1gram at 3pm for a extra boost depending on what I'm doing .


 Phenibut doesn't do much for my anxiety, or much of anything for me at all on a therapeutic level, tbh. Xanax definitely helps my anxiety and I've had no problems with it - just be sure to take a moderate amount when needed and not everyday or anything. But these things affect different people different ways, of course.


0.5mg Xanax is very good for anxiety. Fast acting, but a little short lived, approx 4 - 5 hours. It's also addictive, but casual use won't cause addiction. Dunno anything about Phenibut.


 I found phenibut completely ineffective at managing anything whatsoever. Tried it twice. The risks of effing myself up are too high to mess with it anymore but I'm keeping my stash in case the stuff is scheduled.


Phenibut works great for me. I just wish there was a way to use it all the time. Currently I use it rarely to avoid tolerance. 

It does need an empty stomach.


Well. Phenibut is extremely addictive so proceed with caution. As much as xanax. And both have realistic L.D. 50 properties. At 250mg, phenibut has much different effects than it does at 1-2 grams. Anything after 2grams has diminished effects so it does nothing and increases risk of it being dangerous. I find it extremely effective between 1-2g for anxiety. And doesn't cause the brain fog and impaired judgment / blackouts Xanax can cause.


Phenibut is much superior than Xanax. Clear headed genuinely happy to be in the world vs zombied out and tired


 Depends on the root cause of the anxiety. Try the flushing type of Niacin. If after the flush effect is past (assuming it hits you) if the anxiety is gone then you know it's a fix for your type of anxiety

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