Good day, I have decided to write an article regarding the services which are exceeding expectations. It is crucial to understand where Modafinil originated. Original modafinil version named Provigil was created by Cephalon, USA. The majority of Modafinil, generic Provigil which is purchased online is derived from SunPharmaceuticals which is reputable pharmaceutical company outside the USA. The brand name of the most popular generic Provigil version is Modalert made by SunPharma. Another popular generic brand is Waklert, generic Nuvigil or armodafinil.
Due to the fact that the majority of online Modafinil is sourced from the India, the products provided by the Modafinil supplier sites are an equivalent of the other. So I'm gonna to answer the question about where to buy modafinil online? Basically all the modafinil related sites are providing the same products. The only issue that is therefore a consideration is whether the Supplier is reliable and not necessarily the quality of the product. This is due to the fact that identical product are supplied by all Vendors. Aspects that should be considered are customer care, feedback on enquiries, response time and replacement policy.
It is important to know what the websites are that sell their products for the most reasonable and affordable price:
A number of websites exist where products can be ordered on a small scale. These may have their advantages I also recommend that the older sites are used due to three very important reasons being quality, price and security.
I have compiled a list of my top 5 modafinil suppliers: 
1) the newest, the cheapest in all respects.
This supplier likely has the most competitive prices for Modalert, Waklert and other modafinil versions offer fantastic discounts for first time users.
2)   the oldest, the cheapest for bulk modafinil orders. If you are residing in the USA or Australia, this Supplier is regarded as a top reliable Supplier;
3) the cheapest store for small quantities of all versions of generic Provigil -Modalert, Modvigil, , 10 pills cost 10$ with free shipping.
4) the cheapest place to buy all possible generic Provigil versions  including SunPharma modalert and Hab Pharma waklert: Modafresh, Modafil and Modnite
5) This supplier would have been the preferred option for a modafinil User residing in Europe.
Find a detailed summary of what you can expect to find with each website:
The sites are basically similar when considering shipping and payment options. Number 1 mentioned above may be best suited for residents of the USA, Asia and Australia especially due to their significant discount for Bitcoin payments which is not matched by other sites beside 2. Even though Number 2 and 3 may be the preferred Supplier Number 1,4 and 5 have been in business for a longer period and provide equally good service. Supplier N2 is in business since 2011. Number 5 is the best option for residents of Europe
TAKE NOTE: I investigated other services but the majority were very small or dubious. Please make sure that you order your modafinil tablets from a quality site. 
Below is a list of all services that I have considered while compiling my review:
  • Credit card protection: I have been fortunate in that my credit card information has never been stolen but take note – this could happen. Below are a few steps to protect your credit card information:
  • Pay with Bitcoins, especially since Suppliers regularly offer a discount when using Bitcoin. Even though I may seem inconvenient to use, it will become a fantastic option once you have acclimatized to it.
  • Open an account at Coinbase,
  • Make use of a pre-paid  visa gift care e.g. OneVanilla,
  • Apply for a credit card Final, which enables you to create and use a single use credit card number for online purchases,
  • Keep in mind that the Purchasers and not the Sellers are in control of a transaction.
Thanks for your review, I've got something to add... I’m a newcomer to the world of nootropics. I only discovered them a couple of months back and I’ve since been looking for reliable online pharmacies with bargain prices. I first tried Modafinilcat as they were highly recommended and had a good reputation but unfortunately I found their pricing to be excessive, even with discounts for customer loyalty and Bitcoin payment, but anyways all transactions were fine .

I searched the net and found NeoModafinil's sub. I wasn’t convinced at first as they happened to be running a deep discount on the day I found their site. They were offering 100 Modafinil or Armodafinil tablets for $100 which seemed too cheap to be real. Anyway, I decided to take the risk and ordered from them, hoping for the best… And they came through! What a great surprise! Really the best price I’ve ever seen, especially as it included EMS shipping for no extra cost!

Very glad I took the risk on Neo Modafinil as I’ve now discovered a reliable, low-cost supplier for my modafinil needs. They took less than a day to confirm my order and send through the tracking numbers; their customer support is really great and always gets back to me on the same day I ask them anything.

As for the shipping from India, I really can’t complain - it’s super-fast! it takes 7 or 9 days, depending on whether you include a day for processing or not. It seems the slow part is on the Indian side in Mumbai as they sort the orders for flying over to the US (where I live), from the tracking I can tell that usually takes about 3 days. Customs delays can really slow things down but from what I’ve seen, Their shipments get cleared in about 12 hours usually. From customs, the package quickly gets to the Jamaica Sorting Facility in New York. I’d seen reports of packages getting stuck at the Jamaica stop but that hasn’t happened with their shipments.

When that first delivery arrived I happened to be out but fortunately my roommate was here and they signed off on the delivery. It seems like the person who ordered doesn’t have to be the one who signs for the delivery. I would guess if you’re not home when the delivery comes and you have to then go to the post office, you will need to be the orderer and have ID to prove it.

The package was undamaged and nicely constructed. It looked like it was wrapped in thick brown paper on the outside. The envelope inside had a lining of bubble-wrap and the blister packs of pills were inside a third layer of paper.

Up until I started ordering from Neomoda, I’d been on the Nootropil by UCB. They’re good but the Modalert from neomodafinil seems to have a little more kick to it. The tablets are also smaller and easier to swallow. I’m guessing Nootropil has less filler material or is more densely packed maybe. The Modalert pills and their packaging look very “pro.”

To sum it all up… Neomodafinil are a professional company with excellent customer service. Their shipping is really fast, taking only a week or so to get from India to the east coast of the US. Their packaging quality is high and, most important; the quality of their pharmaceuticals is great.
OK, so I had never order modafinil from OneDollar before. After reading various Reddit posts about modafinil sources including this post, I decided to try them out. I’m still waiting on my delivery, which was ordered 8 days ago. My payment was processed 4 days ago but I still haven’t gotten any email with my tracking number. Not great!

I went onto their site in the wee hours and very quickly got hooked up via the live chat with a customer service representative. I gave the rep my order number and said I was worried about the modafinil shipping delay and lack of a tracking number. The rep gave me my tracking number and informed me that my package was en route. The rep was patient enough to answer my further follow-up questions, like what company would be delivering the package on my side, whether I’d need to sign for it, if they’d deliver it in my mailbox and so on.

The rep also told me that delivery could take up to 30 business days in the event it was held up by customs. This was the first time I’d heard of such a long delay being possible. Everything I’d read said 3 weeks max… Here’s hoping I’ll get mine within that time.

Despite the email problem, I have to say that I’m satisfied for now after the rep answered all my questions and concerns. I hope I’ll be equally satisfied with the quality of the product once it arrives.

I would have to recommend Neomodafinil listed in your post. I’ve tried a lot of different online sellers of modafinil displayed on the ratings site  and I found those guys are the best. They have the lowest price to buy Modafinil at $0.75 per pill and their customer support is really fast and helpful. They take Bitcoin (awesome!) and credit cards. They also have no problem shipping to the UK.

My delivery took a week to get to me in London. They sent me a tracking number which was frequently updated for EMS delivery. The package was very stealthy and, from what I can tell, the pills are the genuine article. It seems my package was inspected by our customs service but it came through nonetheless as it isn’t a controlled substance. Few peopleare aware that Modafinil is free to buy and can be had for just $0.75 a pill. Here’s a summary of my experience with Neomodafinil:

  • Reliably high quality

  • Fast delivery, a week is an easy wait

  • The package was neat and undamaged

  • It wasn’t necessary for me to divulge information such as my cell number.

Up to this time, I’ve very satisfied with my dealings with this company. Their products are top-notch, delivery is quick, support if helpful and the checkout process is easy. The Modafinil pills are highly effective. I’ve got about a month’s supply left and will almost certainly re-order again for next month. The pill really does its job to keep me wide awake and focus, even without my regular sleep. Really great company with a really great product, I couldn’t be happier.

El Belebo

I always buy my Modafinil  from Sunmodalert. Previously, I paid $450 for 30 days’ worth of pills and that was with my insurance covering most of it. Ordering online, I only pay $90 for around 70 days’ worth of pills and that includes shipping costs. I’ve used plenty of online pharmacies in my time and these guys are probably the best! They have a great ordering process. What stands out is that someone from their company will contact you to help with the process and confirm each milestone. For example, when you payment goes through they’ll email and call you, the same occurs when the order ships and they contact you with the tracking number.

The package generally takes at most a dozen business days to reach anywhere in the world. Mine usually gets to me in about a week. The packaging is very professional and discrete and mine have always cleared customs without issue. The pills themselves are in blisterpacks of 10, stamped with the brand of the highly-regarded SunPharmaceuticals co. My doctor is aware that I order my Modafinil online and he encourages me in this. He says that it definitely helps me. My doctor says the online method sounds like a good alternative for those whose insurance companies are unwilling to cover the costs of locally-sourced medications. Sunmodalert legit. I’m now on my fourth order from them and couldn’t be happier with their service.


Hi! I Can ship modafinil withih the USA. Price: 150$/100 pills, Shipping: 5$-USPS, 15$ FEDEX, DHL 

 Modafinil delivery rates:

1-3 days shipping to the following cities: Longmont, Jersey City, Saint Petersburg, Greensboro, Broomfield, Richmond, Escondido, Yuma, Baytown, Springfield, Milwaukee, Boca Raton, Fairfax, Gilbert, Jackson, Appleton, Downey, Sugar Land, Mcdonough, Stamford, Peoria, Compton, Bellevue, Manassas, High Point, Memphis, Pueblo, Tallahassee, Reading, Delray Beach, Ogden, Corona, Rochester, Vero Beach, Des Moines, Nashville, Livonia, Rochester, Honolulu, Chicago, Englewood, Provo, Simi Valley, Fargo, Rancho Cucamonga, Bradenton, Hartford, Glendale, Frisco, Tucson, Jacksonville, Spring Hill, Henrico, Philadelphia, Sparks, Fort Worth, Spring, West Chester, Los Angeles, Vacaville, Lynnwood, Bakersfield, Fresno, Burbank, New Port Richey, Portland, Cincinnati, Stone Mountain, Orlando, Muskegon, Trenton, Toledo, Glendale. Courier: USPS, DHL, FEDEX

2-4 days delivery time: Humble, La Puente, Durham, Lexington, Brockton, Elkhart, Baton Rouge, Oxnard, Ann Arbor, Little Rock, Yonkers, Valdosta, New Haven, Fullerton, Scottsdale, Asheville, Cleveland, Lancaster, Norwalk, Keller, Newark, Canton, Battle Creek, Metairie, Greenville, Saint Paul, Bend, Spartanburg, Aurora, Albany, Irving, Syracuse, Charleston, Kissimmee, Kansas City, Lubbock, Lawrenceville, Fremont, Grand Prairie, Boynton Beach, Saint Louis, Lake Charles, Pearland, Daytona Beach, Newport News, Tulsa, Rock Hill, San Leandro, Erie, Bellingham, Federal Way, Norfolk, Puyallup, Olathe, Lewisville, Naples, Missouri City, Dayton, Staten Island, Minneapolis, Lawrence, Chula Vista, Bowie, Lafayette, Carolina, Lawton, Broken Arrow, Perris, Detroit, Frederick, Modesto, Bayamon, Quincy, Manchester, Aurora, Macon, Alexandria, Albany, Mesa, Longview, West Covina, Columbia, Gastonia, Muncie, Amarillo, North Hollywood, Denton, Hollywood, Mission, San Bernardino, Anderson, Palm Bay, Naperville, Port Saint Lucie, Las Cruces, Hampton, Saint Charles, Eugene, Auburn, Richmond, Garland, Littleton, Anchorage, Chesapeake, Indianapolis, Johnson City, San Antonio, Ocala, Charleston, Duluth, Laurel, Carrollton, Pasadena, Bloomington, Yakima, Salinas, Plano, Chandler, Arlington, Joliet, Wilmington, Phoenix, Abilene, South Bend, Santa Ana, Bethlehem, Idaho Falls, Springfield, Oklahoma City, Saginaw, Surprise, New Orleans, Kent, Oceanside, Riverside, Moreno Valley, Tacoma, Hialeah, Roseville, Allentown.

3-5 days delivery: Wilmington, Beaumont, Roswell, Waterbury, Gaithersburg, Rapid City, Elizabeth, Bothell, Caguas, Roanoke, Mckinney, Houston, Greeley, Olympia, Birmingham, Savannah, Hawthorne, Brooklyn, Homestead, Corpus Christi, Anaheim, Terre Haute, Redding, Peoria, Elmhurst, Edison, Decatur, Acworth, Grand Junction, Shreveport, Greenville, Ponce, Columbus, Victorville, Wichita Falls, Gainesville, Carlsbad, Sterling Heights, Albuquerque, Mission Viejo, West Jordan, New York, Hemet, Worcester, Augusta, Cumming, Astoria, Franklin, Torrance, Fort Myers, Winter Haven, Vallejo, Boulder, Waukegan, Waukesha, Van Nuys, Stockton, Alpharetta, Henderson, Virginia Beach, Richardson, Corona, Wichita, Racine, Providence, Bowling Green, Hyattsville, Kenosha, Murrieta, Mansfield, Garden Grove, Hayward, Concord, San Angelo, Davenport, Merced, Springfield, Redwood City, Buffalo, Jamaica, Paterson, Florissant, Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, Temecula, Waco, Gainesville, Dallas, Guaynabo, Irvine, Douglasville, Evansville, Edmond, Pittsburgh, Lafayette, Cape Coral, Lees Summit, Portsmouth, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Miami Beach, Lincoln, Santa Barbara, Murfreesboro, Fontana, Melbourne, Pasadena, Tempe, Topeka, Omaha, Green Bay, San Juan, Mcallen, Hamilton, Dearborn, Laredo, Sunnyvale, Pensacola, Beaverton, Woodbridge, Sarasota, Athens, Summerville, Orange, New Bedford, Kalamazoo, Clarksville, Lynchburg, Concord, Tampa, San Jose, Pomona, Baltimore, Madera, Round Rock, Norman, Miami, Ridgewood, Montgomery, Huntington Beach, Raleigh, Boston, Katy, Akron, Daly City, Toms River, Clinton Township, Santa Fe, Fairfield, Vista, Scranton, Hesperia, York, Springfield, Jacksonville, Missoula, Silver Spring, Annapolis, Flushing, Mesquite, Pacoima, Hillsboro Courier: USPS, DHL, FEDEX

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There used to be a nice clearnet website for moda but they closed down, they were called Modafinilcat and they left links to other websites. 

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