While their chemical structure is similar to androgens, these compounds are extremely researched thoroughly in their purpose for plants and insects as a growth hormone.
The main four Ecdysteroids that have been researched extremely well are: 
  • Ecdysone
  • Ecdysterone
  • Turketerone
  • 20-hydroxyecdysone
EcdysteroidsWhile all of them have positive influence over mammals, turkesterone seems to be the most anabolic of them all. Researchers are fascinated to see that the effects of these substances are similar to regular anabolic steroids, just without the androgenic side-effects. Precisely because of this missing side effect, they are deemed as much safer alternatives to regular steroids.
Beyond these facts, they have shown to be positively affect the body of the user. Lowering cholesterol and blood sugar, as well as increasing the rate at which proteins are being created in the body, which leads to an enhanced workflow of the liver and digestion system.
Another set of data suggests that these compounds have a neuroprotective effect for the brain.
As it stands right now, these substances show promising results, but there is more research to be done, before we have viable drugs available on the market. Hopefully there will be human trials which can offer relevant insights into the safety of utilizing these compounds on a daily basis.