Is there  legit bitcoin pharmacy for modafinil?

 I bought Modafinil 2 months ago from Neomodafinil, a cheapest modafinil seller if to buy with Bitcoins. Their products are 100% legit and pharmacy is trustworthy.  I do not know how modafinil works, but with a 200mg pill, I can experience a 2-3 hour uninterrupted work flow, on my online affairs. Actually now I do use only half of capsule once a week so that would be 100mg, combine with some coffee and coenzymed b12, works pretty great for me


not a fan of bitcoin. it isn't as anonymous as people think. I personally haven't especially with modafinil. I could care less since it's legal for now. There are some legit online pharmacies that have things I want to try but since they are bitcoin only they haven't gotten my money. Just my 2 cents. I may buy $100 worth of bitcoin and make a transaction. Knowing my luck I will buy $100 and the price will bottom out on them :(


"Sunmodalert" offer up to 30% dicount for using bitcoins. They are definitely a legit pharmacy, I used them starting 2013. When you get such a discount you are fully protected from the price fall. 


I have an account on coinbase. It's really a no brainer to send money for purchases. I store it on their web site. I don't keep much money there. The only downside is that it takes a long time to transfer money from my bank account to their account (ie, to buy bitcoins). So, plan for a week or so delay between buying bitcoin and having it show up in your account online. Don't keep much money in there and you don't have much to lose then....


That is exactly what I was wondering. You dont have to worry about loosing money with bitcoin you just use circle pay with a QR code and it costs exactly the same through the transaction if it is set up correctly zero chance. And I was thinking the same thing its not anonymous but you dont need to be for  Modafinil  the problem is that the CC processors are closing online pharmacies  accounts so they cant take credit cards and switch to Bitcoins


The Bitcoin markets are VERY volatile. My recommendation is to buy the amount you need to fill your order + 10% (USD). There are small charges for withdrawal or Sending. IMPORTANT: DO NOT SEND the bitcoin payment FROM the wallet on the exchange that you used to purchase. Particularly Coinbase. you will wind up having your coinbase account closed at some point because they DO track this stuff down. At that point you will likely only have the gemini exchange as a portal which you can hook up to your bank account. And gemini prices tend to be higher than coinbase. Your best bet is to have another wallet which you transfer the BTC to, then make the payment from that wallet. Even better if you can make it a double hop from Coinbase to another wallet to yet another wallet. The EXODUS wallet is a good one for your desktop. and I also like Bread/Breadcoin which runs on an iphone. Oh I think you can now BUY BTC on the bread wallet too.

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