NootropicsThey aren't called smart drugs for no reason, but that doesn't mean that using nootropics will magically enhance your IQ and bring out the genius within. You won't become Einstein or Tesla over-night, but using nootropics will enable your brain to work better. This results in better cognition, which in turn enables you to achieve more. Usually nootropics stimulate, regulate and enhance the overall functioning of neural transmitters and brain chemistry.
Imagine what your brain looks like. It's like a vast network of lightning fast transmission of information. These bits and pieces of information utilize various neurotransmitters, to travel to different parts of the brain and combine with the overall network of brain cells. This is all happening right now. Through the use of nootropics these neurotransmitters, which are chemicals enabling the passage of information are enhanced and in turn you are able to enjoy higher levels of cognitive performance. You can recognize this boosted state through the experience of easy concentration, faster information recall and especially the ability to maintain focus on selected goals.
The brain is the single most energy hungry element of the human body, typically consisting of at least 20% of the total energy usage during the day. Nootropics can help the brain in many ways. Some of them enable vasodilation, which results in an increase of blood flow to the brain, consequently bringing more oxygen, nutritious elements and sugars to the brain. This keeps the brain operating at optimal levels, due to the availability of energy.
Other nootropics facilitate creation of chemicals that regulate brain plasticity and this enables the user to learn and store new data better. That's the short term, while in long-term it provides a healthier brain, protected from memory related illness. 
Every day we spend a tremendous amount of energy to sustain our cognitive activities. Learning, exercise, extended periods of focus and even staying awake, requires the brain to work hard and provide you with all necessary functions, sight, hearing, smell, touch, thought, memory and coordination just to name a few. 
It's easy to see how these nootropics help the brain do its job properly. Specific substances which enable energy transmission to the brain will help you with achieving a clearer focus and cognitive endurance. Mostly favored by students, for very obvious reasons, Caffeine, Ginkgo bilboa, Acetyl L-Carnitine and others are constantly helping them achieve better academic results by increasing their cognitive abilities.


What are the strongest and effective nootropic for anxiety?

ANXIETY SUGGESTIONS? So... I've been abusing benzo's too much recently (I KNOW) and need a handle on anxiety that doesn't revolve around them (or Phenibut). I think high doses of taurine (like over 2-3 grams) and magnesium malate. Works quite well actually, but I need more suggestions. I also have L-theanine.

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