MOCLOBEMIDEMoclobemide is classified as a MAO inhibitor, and it's used as an anti-depressant. Usually taken orally after a meal, it is very important to follow your doctors instructions when using this drug. Every change to your dosage, regularity or the consideration to stop using this medicine should first be approved by your medical expert.
While Moclobemide very effective at treating depression, there are a myriad of other side effects that come with the usage of this drug. Sleeplessness, irritation, mild headaches are the first side effects when you begin the treatment, followed by precipitation and increases in anxiety.
Moclobemide i's recommended to avoid very active and fast movements while under the influence of this drug, especially when getting in and out of a lying position. You need to be very conscious about your body and inform your doctor if you start experiencing any excessive muscle tension, confusion, slurs in speech and irrational behavior. Even if you notice other strong and unwanted effects you should still talk to your doctor about them.