Any experiences with the combination memantine + moclobemide for ADHD?
My doc won't prescribe selegiline cause its "officially" contraindicated to combine it. But I've seen memantine on his desk so I assume he prescribes it off label or has a lot of dementia patients which I doubt xD
my brother did take it at night until I pointed out that you would be sleeping through the peak serum concentrations + the very useful CYP (especially 2c19) inhibition if you're taking substrates for this enzyme. Morning is highly recommended for these reasons, and I've always waited about an hour after dosing Selegiline to take PEA but really it could be much faster than that. Wait at least 20 minutes to be safe. You'd still have 80% of the mao-b inhibition from your dose of the day before so you'd probably get good effects even taken before dosing your Selegiline
I am on moclo+sele right now and will start mema end of week. Used mema on its own before but really interested to see what it will this combo.which is good allready
The next comentary is based in speculation, but also in knowledge and self-experience, so its not just "doxa" (and of course in a very "monkey" english, sorry for that): I think that selegiline isn't is the main part of the anti ADHD stack, selegiline in the long-term loose the effects because downregulation of tyrosine hydroxylase enzyme (apparently this does not happens to all selegiline users), thats the memantine work, stop or slowing the tolerance of selegiline. The other problem with selegiline is the dopamine concentration in the brain, selegiline affects mainly the mesolimbic area, not the prefrontal cortex, the prefontal cortex is affected by a indirect way, because MAO-B is concetrated in the mesolimbic area, so more dopamine in that area, more dopamine will be sended to the PFC. COMT, another dopamine catabolic enzyme is found in more concentration in the prefrontal cortex, so that enzyme is a good target for ADHD, or just the classic Dopaminergic reuptake inhibitors like bupropion. ADHD has a common factor in the brain (search for resting state imaging ADHD) but has some spefic variants, some people with ADHD does not has problem with dopamine in the mesolimbic area, for example the classic hyperactive type, in some cases more dopamine alone in the mesolimbic area, but not the enough dopamine in the PFC could produce more ADHD symptoms. I think that moclobemide is the trick here, but not for the MAO-A inhibition, for now moclobemide looks like an interesting and strange drug, because does not share the problems of the classical MAO-A inhibitors.

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