Where to buy modafinil in Singapore: any reliable online pharmacy?

SunModalert is reliable pharmacy. I just got my first ever order from them and I’m taking the time to let everyone know how it went. Hopefully this will help to steer other nootropic noobs in the right direction.

The confirmation of my order came through within 2 days of placement, then I got the payment request and settled the bill within a day or so. I took over a week for my payment confirmation to come back. This wasn’t very professional and led to some concerns. I realize it takes time for a tracking number to be lodged with whatever shipment service is used, but order confirmations are entirely under the control and discretion of the business itself. Work needed in this area!

After another 4 days, I got my tracking number, onr the 10-th day it appeared in Singapore customs and 4 days after that, my order finally came through. So about 2 weeks total, which is a little on the slow side.

The pills themselves were good; quality and quantity exactly as promised. The packaging was also very unobtrusive and well-constructed. Given the knockdown price, I’d say the long wait was worth it considering how satisfied I am with the product.


It is great to buy from India online pharmacies but sometimes you have to wait on Singapore customs. That could be 2 weeks in itself. You also have to call your credit card company and tell them you made a purchase since it is overseas.

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