In the thread below one can find modafini reviews and experiences. 

Modafinil is sometimes used off-label as a smart drug. In this capacity, it is most often used to enhance reasoning, learning and creativity as well as to increase memory-retention. Modafnil is produced in 100 and 200mg dose. Modafinil most popular dose is 200mg, 
Modafinil was originally formulated for the treatment of sleeping disorders, such as shift work sleep disorder, sleep apnea and narcolepsy. In most countries, you will likely only be prescribed the drug is you have such a condition. If your sleep is healthy but you wish to enjoy the cognitive-enhancement properties of modafinil, your best option is to order it online.
The modafinil  works on several different levels, not all of which have been thoroughly researched by medical science. From numerous clinical trials it’s clear that the substance is effective although some of its mechanisms remain a mystery.
What is known is that modafinil permeates the blood-brain carrier. It then filters into the central nervous system. The modafinil then interacts with the reabsorption of dopamine through interaction with dopamine transporters. Dopamine is the pleasurable neurochemical released by the body as a reward for certain adaptive behaviors, such as eating, working out or having sex. That modafinil increases levels of available dopamine may explain why some individuals feel more motivated when taking Modafiil.

Modafinil nicotine experience

100mg Modafinil + 2x 0.8mg nicotine cigarettes after almost a year. The focus & clarity is way too awesome! I don't want to continue smoking for obvious reasons. What're the pros & cons of nicotine as a study aid?

Taking Modafinil with Abilify

I just got diagnosed today with Narcolepsy after almost 20 years of symptoms of narcolepsy with cataplexy. I cried when I got the phone call from the doctor's office with the sleep study results because I was so relieved. I also have fibro, ptsd, and bipolar disorder. My doc wants to start me on modafinil 2x a day ASAP but it may interact with my Abilify med. I'll know tomorrow. If you have a mental illness, did it get better with N treatment?

Any legit onine source to buy modafinil in europe, skypax?

Hey everyone. I'm looking for people that have made an order with Skypax to send modafinil to the UK and deliver them elsewhere in the EU. I am asking for reviews of the experience, mainly because I found various positive and negative reports. Skypax opens your package and repacks it for shipping, with a label "Health Supplements". Is this true? Are there any online modafinil sources for europe?

Modafinil ban and UK psychoactive substances act

I'm curious about the status of the UK's psychoactive ban. Perhaps some British Biohackers can tell me... Is it effecting the availability of Modafinil much? Are you able to get Modafinil with a doctors prescription? Are they cracking down on the online Modafinil stores? Is Modafinil use criminalized? Anyone familiar with the consequences if you get caught importing it? Or is is still highly available and easy to get your hands on?

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