I just got diagnosed today with Narcolepsy after almost 20 years of symptoms of narcolepsy with cataplexy. I cried when I got the phone call from the doctor's office with the sleep study results because I was so relieved. I also have fibro, ptsd, and bipolar disorder. My doc wants to start me on modafinil 2x a day ASAP but it may interact with my Abilify med. I'll know tomorrow.
If you have a mental illness, did it get better with N treatment?

I have lifelong major depression. Once I stabilized my narcolepsy, my depression didn't seem as bad


Welcome to the club! I took it with my Abilify and didn't have any problems. My depression is gone now that my Narcolepsy symptoms are under control.


 I take Abilify and Modifanil! Hopefully they don't interact! I need both.


Modafinil is known to have antidepressant properties, and is being studied for bipolar depression... 

I have bipolar disorder and fibromyalgia as well... and narcolepsy without cataplexy. I take Modafinil in the morning for narcolepsy... for psych, I take Abilify and Lamictal... no adverse drug interactions with that... 

However, with bipolar, I cannot take Xyrem - too much risk for depression, plus possible severe interaction between Xyrem and Lamictal... I take Baclofen and Temazepam at night only, for sleep... I can give you more info on Baclofen if you would like. 

My son has bipolar as well... and he takes Lamictal and Modafinil... He has run out of Modafinil a couple of times, and he spirals into depression without it. 

My son also takes Baclofen, and it works well for both of us to get a good night's sleep - actual quality sleep!! (but without the horrible side effects of Xyrem)... There are a number of people taking Baclofen for sleep... 

Sleep is very important for narcolepsy and for bipolar disorder... since insomnia can plague us with both... The combination of Baclofen and Temazepam is very effective for me. The Temazepam has the additional benefit of being an anti-anxiety med...


It's amazing how big of a relief it is just to get a diagnosis!! Congrats on that! I take Cymbalta with Modafonil. I suffer from anxiety. The Cymbalta keeps me from becoming a sobbing mess. But is also used off label to treat cataplexy. My trigger is emotional stress. So the Cymbalta helps with both!


I was suffering with moderate depression but didn't know it until I started meds for N. I know sleep and depression are linked, which is why even healthy people today seem to suffer from it more and more as people cut out sleep from over scheduling. Ithink it will help you right off the bat knowing that there are treatments to help you and you know what it is. You know your body better than anyone, so make sure the doctors listen to your concerns. You might have to try few different combos of meds, especially to avoid Rx interactions, but try really hard to not get discouraged by it. You aren't alone and that is what this group is here for.


There's a link between sleep and mental disorders. You might notice that once you sleep better they disappear. I was never diagnosed with bi polar although everyone at every school I ever went to thought it I had it. Looking back now I was just tired. My sleep isn't perfect now and I definitely need to exercise lots of self control when I'm tired.

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