Has anyone ever taken India brands Modafinil Modalert and Armodafinil Waklert? not at the same time (obvs) but switched from Modafinil to Armodafinil? I think matbe I need to switch because according to a reviews Armodafinil is so much better...I'm very leery about this
so anyone's personal experience (good, bad, and everything in between) would be very, very helpful 

Yes, I switched to armodafinil (Waklert) when it was new, because the modalert didn't last long enough for me. I didn't notice much difference, it maybe lasts a bit longer. Which is all it's supposed to do.


Started with Waklert, armodafinil but switched to Modalert, modafinil months ago... I was on Nuvigil for years but it started wearing off and I didn't want to increase the strength so I was switched to Modalert at 200mg and I can take a half or whole tablet if it starts to taper at lunch. I like Modalert better because I don't have the heart racing or anxiousness or headaches.... I try to stay on a low dose as long as possible because of the type of medicine and strength for each. I'm 32 and if this is th medicine I will be on for the rest of my life, I rather take it slow vs tap out early and nothing therapeutic is available or efficient any longer say 5 years from now.... it is very hard and I e tried other medicines and prefer it this way for me...


I use modalert, but a very low dose. It works for me, I should up the dosage bt atm I'm taking 200mg per day, 100mg in the morning and in the evening, but I like it so far. Only downside is that I don't wanna eat.


I take Modalert. It takes bout 30min to kick in and only lasts about 3-4hours. So I take 400mg throughout the day when I'm having a bad sleepy day. It doesn't make me feel sick at all but it suppresses my appetite. I try to take less on good days to ensure I eat.


200mg of modafinil, twice a day. Works great. Aftet you have been taking it awhile it seems to feel slightly less effective. Taking a drug holiday can help with that.


Modalert 200mg, India made, twice daily....i still keep 10mg Adderall on hand though. Modafanil keeps me alert and with an awake" feeling. But sometimes I can still feel asleep atracks coming on (like today lol) and that's when I use the adderall. Its way better than it used to be with nothing that helped.


 Armodafinil gave me very bad side effects, including weakness and sluggishness. I know it's not modafinil, but I know they are similar. The 4th day I took it, I felt incredibly intoxicated and I truthfully don't remember much of that day. It made me throw up. It's assumed I have an allergy to it. Blah. The freaking struggle


I prefer Modalert. Waklert just made me crash. Modafinil is about $50 at SunModalert site for 30 200 mg pills. You don't need a membership to use the pharmacy.


Tried both Waklert and Modalert. Modalert is more soft. At first you’ll be hugely happy with it, you’ll be able to be normal again haha 

Then your body starts to normalise to the drug and you will either have to see about taking more (not advised) or be ready and prepare for little naps when necessary. It’s not as strong for me anymore (I take 2 x 100mg Modalert a day, one at 9-10 and one at 5-6) It’s a nice lil boost to see me through till bedtime, but do find I still need to nap sometimes Get a pillbox and have spare blister packs in pockets and bags that you carry with you. 

Forgetting to take the pills results in a FUBAR day. I would advise taking it though 


Yup Waklert gave me my life back. I take 150 in am, and 15 mgs of adderall so I don't have to wait to wake up. Oh and absolutely no side effects other than the intense concentration (nootropic) side effect to which it was basically made for.


 It's always been great for me. I have been taking both modafinil and armodafinil for most time over 5years. The only time it has been less effective is when my thyroid levels have been off with me having hypothyroidism (low functioning thyroid). It's let me live life more abundantly. For most years it's been 200 mg x2 a day/ Modalert, 150mgx once a day Waklert.


Modalert: first 2 weeks perfect - taking with water mornig then stop kicking in - was taking loooong time to kick indecided to take with coffee  boom! works perfectly. Waklert gives terrible headaches 


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