I am desperately looking to buy modafinil by Intas called Modafil.  Can anybody help me ? Also can you please share your experience?Thanks

http://onedollarthings.com is the only store which sell Intas modafinil. I tried the first pill this morning but I messed up by taking it with a meal. The instructions say to have it without food. It still worked; it just took a lot longer than it’s supposed to for it to kick in. When it did, it was great. I was able to focus on my work and complete a project that I’d been putting off for days. It was one of those jobs that’s really mentally demanding and I kept getting distracted from it. Anyway, I’m very happy with the Modafil as well as onedollar service so I’ll be getting more from them. If any side effects crop up, I will be back to report them.


Yeah, Intas is the best modafinil from India. I order 90  tablets for my own use from the company called Mondaymeds. They only took 5 days to arrive here in the States and the price was really competitive too.

They send me a coupon by email which I can use to claim a 10% discount off my next purchase. A nice touch!

I got in touch with them twice by email, first to alter my shipping details and then for a question about my order. Both times they got back to me with a helpful answer within a couple of minutes.

So, about the shipping times... I placed my order on the 28th of Feb and they sent it on the 29th and gave me a tracking number so I could follow it.

I only started with Modafil in this year and my order from Mondaymeds was my 2nd purchase of this nootropic. I heard about it from someone I work with. I started on a 100 mg. dose by cutting a pill in half and then ramped up to the full dose. I found when I did so that it became very effective at boosting my work productivity.

What I would tell someone who is wanting to try it is to also start with a weak dose and ramp it up over time. This will give you a better idea of how it works and be more safe.

The foil packets the pills from Intas come in are exactly the same as those I got from the pharmacy the first time, it think it was called onemedsstore. The effect was also identical, as far as I remember. It’s definitely the real deal. Also, there was over 2 years to go until the pills expired so there are no worries there.

I would wholeheartedly recommend both Mondaymeds and Intas pharma Modafil, especially for Americans. They kindly requested via email that I write a review of my experience, so here it is! I hope it helps you to make up your own mind. I would say they’re a good company for sure.


Kyley3257: What's the link to your website? Thanks

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