Hey everyone. I'm looking for people that have made an order with Skypax to send modafinil to the UK and deliver them elsewhere in the EU. I am asking for reviews of the experience, mainly because I found various positive and negative reports. Skypax opens your package and repacks it for shipping, with a label "Health Supplements". Is this true? Most importantly, I want to discover if anybody has had the experience of receiving these forwarded packages with the same declaration on the side of the package. Also, there are a few different packages available on Skypax's website, but the regular airmail (Royal Mail) seems to be missing from the selection. Is it possible to ship using this method, or do I have to pay £20 for UPS? Are there any online modafinil sources for europe? I couldn't find any (((
Thanks a lot guys/gals, I really appreciate it! :D


http://eumodafinil.com is the only source that ships within the EU.


Italy here. The payment to Skypax for one shipment is €14,50 and for the shipping it's around €41, but it depends on where you are shipping to. You can ship using Royal Mail, for about €24, but I went ahead with DHL Express, and I got it in one day. That means it cost me about €75 for the Modafinil and €55 for Skypax's shipping. Total is €130 for me because I chose DHL, while otherwise it would have been around €115. It is really acceptable as a price, and Skypax are very reliable.


I am very new to modafinil, but I've been engaged with trading replica watches in the EU for a long time. What I learned while I was doing this is that packages coming from inside the EU are not treated equally. With this I mean that packages from the UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Belgium and Germany will have a better chance to go through customs , while packages coming from Hungary, Latvia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania or the Czech Republic, Slovakia have an increased probability to get inspected, because they are more likely to contain replica watches, fake bags, or similar branded products.



One of the main issues with the deliveries is if you are buying a large quantity or high dosage products. The recommendation I can give is to go for 200mgs maximum, as described in the EU package leaflet:


With this your doctor can prescribe you higher doses of up to 400 mgs, as there are special recommendations for people having a prescription.


Now with Brexit completely separating England from the EU, it might be very different for using Skypax's services. So far, I've shipped many different modafinil orders of  to Germany, always having "Health Supplements" as a label on the side. Using DHL I never had any trouble getting the shipments there, no customs problems or anything. I haven't used the service since, so it might be very different now.



I am very price sensitive being a student and it always makes more sense to go for 200 pills instead of less. Not only do you pay less per pill, but also get the best value for your money. If something happens with customs, most of the suppliers are willing to reship your order, or you can pay a small fee to receive your package. I don't think you will have a problem shipping it with Skypax.


Once I asked Skypax if they can change the description label on the package, because in Norway, the customs flag the packages that contain health supplements. They said that they have been shipping health supplements for a very long time and they have had a lot of success with this. Additionally, the contents of the package still fit the description, so they wouldn't take the responsibility for the package if they had to change the label.


I've had friends telling me that Skypax works perfectly. Regardless of the fact that their homepage says that they only accept packages from inside the EU, but I ordered from NeoModafinil and had them ship it to Germany. Today it arrived in the UK, but I hope that I won't have to pay taxes for it. Does anybody know what would happen if I need to pay taxes?


Common sense, guys. Generally speaking, buying anything from outside the EU will result in having your package inspected, or at least increase the chance for the inspection. I have successfully ordered and received both Onnit and the 5-HTP capsules through UK-based websites.


There are plenty of shops which send within the EU, eumodafinil.com, sunmodalert.ru and modup.net. All of these work and they ship without a problem. Modafinilis great, as the liver transforms it into modafinil and you get a really good buzz from it. It really helps to get things done. You can also try to send your items from an India shop to Skypax and deliver anywhere you want. But this is a more expensive method. Maybe if you tell us what country you live in we can help some more!

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