Moclobemide and Kanna? Yes or no? 
Have read studies about safely combining moclo and serotonin agents and yet some conflicting reports
I would think it should be fine given they be small doses although I would still tread cautiously , I have used low doses of methylene blue (RIMA) and kanna together safety
Kanna is a weak SSRI. It's a much stronger PDE4 inhibitor and a minor cannabinoid especially unfermented. Few hundred milligrams either intranasal or capsule
For what it's worth I use quite a bit of kanna. I am on 75mg extended release Venlafaxie (effexor). It's awesome, don't feel I've ever felt any negative effects from mixing it. Only this I'd say is it works best with some breaks.I also find snorting it the best, however I coulldn't do this with the Ceretropic version and would instead use it sublingually but haven't used that in a while as it absorbed a lot of water while this other Kanna I ordered from a european headshop did not. It was also dirt cheap compared to cereropics and more stimulating. Also seemed more gritty when I stuck it under my tongue so didn't do that again. Probably the best time to use it would be in the morning, wakes me up very well immediately.

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