For those of you who stack memantine, selegiline and moclobomide. What is your standard dose for each?
I'm interested in
150 mg moclobemide
1.25 mg Selegiline 
25 mg memantine
Yeah. Cut the pill into 4 lines.
Best route is nasal. 1.25mg=5 oral
Sublingual is almost as good.
Oral is where interactions can happen.
You don't want it in your gut
Break it up, smash, inhale, it's much more effective and way less dangerous long term. Close second place is sublingual but you'd want to aim to skip the liver with its first pass, so don't swallow. I have a sele that I may finish tonight or tomorrow before work, it was smashed about a week ago. You can easily tweak and play around to find what works for you this way with the least effort and highest efficacy, imho. I use it to help motivation and amplify my armodafinil even at 1/2 to 1/4 dose so I can work vampire shift.
If you have any PEA laying around, that's always fun after you give seleg a chance to start working. Apparently there are a lot of trace amines that can have some pretty powerful results if you know what they are. I don't. You gotta look this one up. Just stay away from yohimbine, & mucana pruiens. They're real bad news with maois.
Moclo, I've hovered at 300-600 and I'm feeling that more than 300 introduces too many negatives, then Memantine is around 20 right now, but I sort of throw it in the scale and don't really take time to retrieve extra, which i can't recommend this stance as anything but reckless until after you've gotten through the adjustment period. If you haven't taken before, start much much lower and slowly work up. Have a couple weeks of mostly easy stuff to handle. The effects after the initial doses are great, if you can tolerate the opposite for a good few days then a couple more next step up, then less more stepping up, then: focus, clarity, no intrusive thoughts=jackpot!
25mg memantine is a bit much, i take 5-10mg usually
75-150 mg Moclobemide during 5-7 days
1,25-10 mg Selegiline during All the time
2,5 mg memantine during 5 days

Moclobemide goes up to 600 mg ed if necessary .most people get great results by 300 mg ed.

Memantine : increase 2,5 mg e5d.

For the majority of the users its :

300 mg Moclobemide ed
1,25 mg Selegiline nasal
5-10 mg memantine.
I was doing

10mg memantine
1.25 selegiline (sublingual)
300mg moclobemide..

The memantine didn't agree with me, which seems rare.. so I stopped.. even titrating up to 10mg over two weeks it wasn't worth the brain fog.. but 99.99% of users swear by it..

Selegiline at 1.25mg was making me more tired than anything else so I stopped that.

I've bounced between 150mg and 300mg moclobemide.. 300mg was perfect but I've dropped down to 150mg with a semax cycle and a adding tianeptine into the mix. The 150mg is good with that combo for me..
Most of us eat tons of protein, including aged cheese but allegedly nasal method of administration of selegiline prevents (some of) the hypertensive crysis. I eat around 1.8 g protein /kg every day but I had never had any hypertensive crysis- like symptoms. Even smoked cigarettes & cannabis every day which usually spikes my blood pressure but I was just fine
I've only used selegiline but we don't use spray solutions, just crush the pill and snort 'em like a cocaine junkie.. Lol. But seriously, Caleb told me the duration of action and bioavailability increases as well, which is the reason I do it. By not taking it orally you also skip the presystemic metabolism. Other people can probably explain this more in depth better than I can, potentially even correcting me if I was off at some point here
I began taking 5mg Selegeline in combination with Moclobemide (150mg tablets) for about 6 weeks now. This is my second time trying the combo. The first time I tried it, I did it the way many people suggested: I took one quarter Sele sublingually. It would keep me wide awake for 48 hours from just that little tiny amount. I tried taking it both with and without Moclo. Then, I quit because I couldn't sleep. Then about six weeks ago I wanted to experiment and see what would happen if I took a whole 5mg Sele with the Moclo. Here are my results:
I sleep like a rock now. The combo of 5mg Sele + 150mg Moclo puts me out. I wake up refreshed and ready to meet the demands of the day most days. I am not as terrified to go outside the house anymore. (Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia.)
This is a great combo for me
So I've taken 1/4 of a pill of Sudafed when I was sick (and on 300 moclo/2.5 seleg and it did make my heart pound out of my chest but I didn't take my blood pressure so I don't know if it was high. However, I have taken up to 50mg of Benedryl at night on this combo and only difference I notice is an increase in the chance for restless leg syndrome. But I was desperate because I had an awful cold. Benedryl did make it a little better though.
havent used moclobemide.

but have been using selegiline and memantine for a few weeks now.

taking selegiline 1mg orally upto 2-4 times daily.

Used to take memantine upto 5mg in divided doses daily.

this minimalistic dosage worked great for me for focus and clarity for a few days, after which i got depressed. Found it was the memantine dose piling up.

Now i take the same doses of selegiline with even lesser doses of memantine and works great for me.

Dont be alarmed if you seem to be needing very less doses than what others usually take. everyone brain chem is different.

Im bipolar 2 with OCD/anxiety issues.

On days that i dont want to focus hard, I just do strong black tea with microdoses of memantine, and this works well too. Obviously YMMV.


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