Hydergine and Tramadol vs. Moclobemide & Selegiline.
For those who know... What can you tell me about MOCLOBEMIDE's effects in the following dimensions of experience: musical enjoyment, sense of humor, increased interest in aesthetics (beauty) and novelty.
I'm asking because I get this from hydergine. I love it's mood effects, the feeling for music and enhanced sense of humor. Sadly, It's alpha-adrenergic activity is not good for someone with ADHD like me. It turns me into a very happy, funny, life-loving UNPRODUCTIVE person.
I ask this because I noticed pronounced motivational, fun and mood lifting effects from Tramadol ( NRDI + Serotonin release) and thought Moclo coud do some of that. Tramadol is just too harsh. I became extremely itchy and uncontrollably sleepy 5 hours after taking the dose. Also withdrawals were horrid...even from taking it for one or two days!
I suffered from long time depression along with ocd,gad,adhd, ...this is what i used: piracetam ... piracetam + modafinil.. piracetam + Selegiline (I was getting close to achieve my combo).. piracetam + Selegiline + memantine....piracetam+ Selegiline + memantine + moclobemide... piracetam + Selegiline + memantine + moclobemide + tianeptine...I couldnt be happier.its hard to get any better than this.

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