ANXIETY SUGGESTIONS? So... I've been abusing benzo's too much recently (I KNOW) and need a handle on anxiety that doesn't revolve around them (or Phenibut). I think high doses of taurine (like over 2-3 grams) and magnesium malate. Works quite well actually, but I need more suggestions. I also have L-theanine. A little Red Kratom works pretty well too.
I already know of a few of suggestions I'll probably get. But what are your personal favorite and strongest nootropics for anxiety? Please give me examples of the strongest nootropic you know works for you, I know sometimes I take a lot of things I think might work but out of 8 or so things only 4 I know definitely do something.

Try cycling things. One day phenibut, next day kratom, next day it could be a mix of theanine valerian and other anxiolytic herbs etc the more you have to cycle the more effective each one will be because more days off = reduced tolerance.


Theanine and noopept (not that you have to take them together or anything) help with my anxiety. But I also take a 500 mg dose of phenibut every 4 days. though, that is to help with the chronically low dopamine levels from habitual weed smoking. I was on Benzos for a long time but had a habbit of taking them to avoid anxiety before it happened, which is border line abuse. Then I tried Neurontin for anxiety, but it made me feel really wonky. The racetams help me a lot too, mostly because they allow me to focus and its great to keep my mind occupied doing something instead of focusing on my anxiety.


Aniracetam, Arcalion, Theanine...


High doses of topical magnesium. Plenty of electrolytes and micronutrients, grass fed liver, seaweed, etc. Selank.


So many options. Get off the benzos, then use up regulating stuff like afobazole and fasoracetam..or you may use memantine which may or may not be as effective. I wouldn't use them together. Strongest nootropics for anxiety areL-theanine, selank, aniractam, all of the stuff here are going to help you. Anything that makes me focus doesn't make me think about anxiety


NOT RECOMMENDING IT because of dependency issues, but you can totally take kratom every day if that's the medicine for you. I take it every day, it's helped me with chronic pain from a severe neck injury and GAD for a couple years now. Nothing else has worked for me and it saved me from opiates and benzos. It's an annoying few days, but kicking a kratom habit isn't the worst thing ever. Physiologically speaking, it's hardly risky or dangerous. I'd say taking research chemicals with limited human trials is more risky than taking a plant that's been consumed for over 1000 years.


 Personally, kratom feels very similar to opiates, heroin, vicodin. It disrupts my sleep schedule by making me feel very good, lowers my pain temporarily, and puts me in a drugged out, free wheeling state. Similar to marijuana. Now, many people like this, in fact i like it too, but i dont see it as functional. One, because it would cause extreme dependence, two because the come down is a grinding, tense feeling.

Does this mean that for me specifically i have some kind of issue with my endorphin/opiate receptors in my body?  I don't know but i dont think kratom makes things better, its more like a 5 hour vacation where i dont get anything done except feeling blissed out.


For people struggling with addiction to non-substainable substances like Phenibut and Benzos/Alcohol , Salvia Divinorum has been shown to posess potent anti-addiction properties and resets the brains's dopamine reward. It doesn't make you stop taking drugs, it will make you want to stop and be able to if used when cravings occur. It has reverse tolerance which is a bonus.


kratom isnt purely an opioid however and i have said it many times and ill say it again.

1) its a poweful stimulant on par with caffeine depending on the strain (like the maeng da and red malaysian combo Im on rn) 2) its an NMDA antagonist 

similar to other nootropics like memantine 3) its a calcium channel blocker similar to Lyrica (pregabalin) or gabapentin wich is useful for fibromyalgia and thats a long list of symptoms if you look it up

3) it has powerful antioxidant properties which is a nootropic effect on its own. Still an advantage over heavier sedatives/prescription substances but still not a nootropic.


Constipation, hypogonadism, dependance these are the three big issues.

And reboud hyperalgesia as well.  I also like to take kratom every once in a while but it's not sustainable nor healthy

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