Adderall like nootropics?

Having tried Adderall, it had an effect I didn't expect at all. It was a MASSIVE mood booster for me. Kinda like removing the wet blanket of apathy from life itself in a single dose. It was extreme, and at only 5mg.

Best nootropic for procrastination?

Best nootropic for procrastination/motivation issues looking for an amphetamine like effect without the sketchyness if possible: Pramiracetam, phenylpiracetam, other racetam like oxi or ani, moclobomide, selegiline, memantine, semax, selank, intellect seeds, bacopa? Let me know thanks....

What are the nootropics for opiate withdrawal?

Serious inquiry... Someone close to me is tapering off opiates. They are scared of the withdrawals and fear they might relapse. I told them that there are products that might help. Can you suggest to me some nootropics that would help best to relieve withdrawal symptoms??

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