Nootropic to help with emotional regulation? I have terrible anxiety/neuroticism, depression, anger and obsessive thoughts. A lot of the time I feel like I'm drowning. I can't stop crying, it's tough to distract myself from pain, I ruminate and circle in my head for hours and days and weeks. I can't let shit go and move on. My sleep sucks, when I finally get to sleep, I'm still thinking (I can't shut off), and am woken up by painful memories or dreams.
Forget drugs and begin studying and performing mindfulness,Qigong,yoga and seek some therapy
Then look at your overall diet and be sure you are not deficient in any micronutrients
So vits and minerals first
Also watch your intake of carbs as irregular insulin spikes will have an effect as well
After you have done all this consider nootropics proper
Regarding nootropics for emotional regulation id stay simple and natural first and look for things to regulate dopamine and act similar too SSRI antidepressants
So acetyl l carnitine,L tyrosine,vit B12(methyl form) and a good choline source to begin with
Then go for passionflower etc to help with anxiety
Also physical exercise and sunlight
Do you have any actual medical issues?
Feel free to PM me if you would rather not discuss in open
Your symptoms seem extreme so i would be concerned about going over the top and prefer to try to achieve balance through diet,exercise,meditation ,counselling and non pharmalogical means first
Memantine, bacopa (Bacognize version)
Sounds like depression bro. Exercise will help you connect to your body and be more present. Thinking too much is the opposite of being present. Thinking too much, not being able to quiet the mind, will lead to neurosis, anxiety, depression, etc. I only speak from my own experience though. It is possible to find peace from your mind. It takes a lot of practice and yes supplements are a great tool for helping you get there. But the first step you can take is to step out your door. Think Nike, just do it, even a walk, will help release some of those obsessive thoughts. I know I'm not supposed to recommend food and exercise in this group, but I've been there so many times before and exercise brought me out of it and back to normal.
People love to start in with the "forget about the drugs or nootropics, just meditate, man. This is the best for emotional regulation" I'm not discounting this as a valid solution, as mindfulness/CBT have been proven to be highly effective in treating acute to moderate anxiety and depression. But the truth is, a lot of people with more severe symptoms, usually suffer from something neurological and some medication is necessary. There's no reason you shouldn't do both. Just make sure you get all the facts on whatever you decide to take, and if your symptoms are as severe as you've said, I would consider talking to a physician. Good luck, man. I can most definitely relate to how you feel, I deal with a lot of the same issues myself.

Make sure you find a good physician, not one who blindly throws pills at the problem to see what sticks. Too many lazy doctors and pharmaceutical sales reps.

I never alluded to that, and you're taking what I said out of context, possibly intentionally. Mindfulness has been shown to physically alter the structure of the brain, most notably by reducing grey matter in the amygdala and increasing grey matter in the frontal and temporal lobes. What I was referring to is outside of that, when people have neurological imbalances or damage. I'm a strong believer in mindfulness/meditation/CBT, but to entirely discount supplements/drugs seems a little disingenous imo.
If you smoke wed, stop for one. A dopamine and seratonin precursor may help some, but this is likely a trauma related issue.
Venlafaxine (Effexor) for me changed my life. Was so depressed it felt like a physical disorder. Huge amount of stimulants just to stay awake a few hours. It might not work for you, but if you try everything else and it doesn't work, seek this sort of treatment.
Agomelatine nootropic, also. It's been shown to have equal efficacy to Prozac in at least one study. It may help you sleep better, too. It works on the melatonin receptors rather than the serotonin receptors, so it's a different method of action than traditional depression meds. Not too expensive to buy a gram and see how it goes for a month. Dosage is 25mg-50mg.
Suggestions like exercise are not helpful when you're so depressed that some days you can't even get out of bed. Great suggestion for later, though. A "good" counselor can start tweaking and tuning nootropics for emotional regulation so the noise stops and the darkness brightens enough to think, and then you can begin to dig your way out. First, your mind quiet and thinking straight, Then supplements, exercise, and nootropics. You're then motivated to google and read and find the rest of the way that works for your unique biochemistry. A really good counselor will find out what "juices" you has meaning for you. Finding meaning, your personal meaning, is the "secret sauce" in life. My two cents...........crying is wonderful, you're so miserable now that you'll get in to see that counselor/psychiatrist. Your GP can recommend one they like.........Prediction: When you sit in that big comfortable chair in the psych's office you will just start bawling with the relief that comes from finally being in a safe harbor..........that's a good thing.
Although honestly, it sounds like you have a multitude of issues going on, whatever seems like the lowest-hanging fruit that can be made into a new habit is the best place to start. Once one habit is established, you focus on how you achieved that and anchor more habits to it. Once there are more stories going on in your head about how you can and have achieved your goals, then there is less airtime for the negative death spirals.
Yes this is the issue, a bit like the way modern medicine and nootropics treats the symptoms NOT the underlying causes so much
There is not a quick fix here unless you have a medical condition that can be properly identified and correctly treated
I agree that trying find ways to reset your sleeping patterns,do some light movement and ensure you have a good diet, share your experience with reddit community etc are a good way to start
Concentrate on breathing and clearing mind for emotional regulation and use non drug type supplements such as those based on amino acids,vits,minerals as well as light therapy in case of seasonal affective disorder or similar
Have more sex if you can as its a hell of a drug,im disabled foloowing brain and spinal trauma and some good sex makes me feel better than any amout of opiates/antidepressants or anything else drs have thrown at me
I have ADHD and also can drop into depressive issues and using ALCAR and L tyrosine along with a good choline source have helped me a lot there ,increased my mental aptitude again even though i have SEVERE brain damage and let me take myself off antidepressants without suffering the withdrawel i expected
Its after this i would move onto more drug like nootropics etc etc
Magnesium quiets the mind and helps with sleep. Recommend having magnesium nootropic baths before bed as well as supplement with it. You'll be surprised how it can help although sounds like you need lots of other things to help. To get out your head you need to reset you parasympathetic nervous system! So there's a real simple breathing exercise which helps. Breathing in for 4 counts and out for 7 counts. Repeat 3 times. Touch your fingertips together so index to index. Also highly recommend learning how to come/ get into presence. This will give you distance from your racing head/thoughts.
Also take some adaptogens. Sun Horse Energy has an AMAZING one. Failing that try ginseng, ashwaganda and Rodiola. And realise it will take a little while to heal your brain. If you're up for it cut out any shite from your diet like processed foods. A good book is the ultra mind solution by Dr Mark Hyman.

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