Having tried Adderall, it had an effect I didn't expect at all. It was a MASSIVE mood booster for me. Kinda like removing the wet blanket of apathy from life itself in a single dose. It was extreme, and at only 5mg. I don't want to use Adderall regularly and am trying to understand what is lacking in my chemistry/diet so I can address it in a more healthy way than amphetamine. Ideally with something with less potential to abuse. I have tried modafinil minor mood boosting, hydrafinil minor boost, st johns wart no boost. Nothing I've ever tried has even been a fraction as effective of mood boosting / depression busting as Adderall. It was so extreme.... it felt like rewinding time to the most focused, happy, mentally healthy I've ever been in my early twenties and double it. Not sure if that effect was sustainable w ongoing dose and to be honest it was so effective I worry about needing it and abusing it. Anyone else w similar experience? Other safer, preferably non prescription, adderall like nootropics to try for the mood boost that is as effective?
I think a lot of people have that experience on the first dose, and then assume they have a dopamine deficiency. I know I felt a clearing of my brain fog on it, and then used it 2-3 times per week for 7 months. The problem was that even at that infrequent usage schedule, Adderall stopped having any benefit beyond a reduction in hyperactive symptoms ( reduction in repetitive movements and blurting out of intrusive thoughts) and a hyper focus. Reading books on Adderall is wonderful. But Adderall started to completely fuck my mood. Turns out its supposed ability to make me feel "normal" was actually a high. Chances are, I was merely misremembering, or romanticizing, how "normal" used to feel for me.

I have no doubt you and I have noticed a decline in mood and cognitive facilities over the years for various reasons. But I do NOT believe Adderall is shedding any light on the cause.

I have found some treatments to manage my anhedonia and cognitive dysfunction, and they include: Caffeine (VERY reliable mood booster nootropic for years), NSI-189 (permanent effects on my ability to feel emotions), Sarcosine and Agmatine nootropics (helps me to feel "lighter," and their *antidepressant effects* have some things in common with Ketamine), and a consistent workout routine. Best of luck.
I've been dosing 30mg once every weekend with poppy seed tea for my last day of work throughout the week. Split up into 15mg doses, second being insufflated 4 hrs after oral consumption of first half. This seems to be ideal in terms of depression and socialisation. I am able to better condition myself when it comes to socialising if I am able to experience self-confidence firsthand
Amphetamines are a non sustainable and extreme dopamine rush. Phenylpiracetam with a choline source used intermittently will give you a boost when you have a bunch of shit to do, without the comedown or dopamine depletion
The following nootropics are recommended: DL-Phenylalanin, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosin, L-DOPA, Sulbutiamine and so on. Basically Dopamine related substances.
Kratom can be adderall like but for some people isn't sustainable.

I've been using it for 2+ years and am still at 1-2grams and haven't had much tolerance build up.

At lower doses Kratom will increase dopamine via opiod receptor activation. This is the potential for tolerance and chasing the initial 'euphoric' feeling some people have with it.
Bromantane combined with phenyl piracetam and cdp choline. Bromantane has anti anxiety properties and boots mood like an amphetamine but is a light stimulant. Combine with 100mg phenyl piracetam and 1 gram cdp choline and it will be just as good as adderal without addiction or side effects. It's not nearly as bio available. Its cheaper but the difference between cdp choline and choline bitartrate is night and day.
Amphetamines are a non sustainable and extreme dopamine rush. Phenylpiracetam with a choline source used intermittently will give you a boost when you have a bunch of shit to do, without the comedown or dopamine depletion.
This is going to sound terrible, but, well. Ok, I do like sudafed. For occasional matters. Before I knew any better, when i was about 12, "Dexatrim" (that was over the counter) contained pseudoephedrine which is adderall like substance. And naturally, I became a little preoccupied with it, before I knew any better, and it was an excellent performance enhancer in school. Now, if the herb "ma huang" was more available, still in bulk (as it was in teh 1990s?) I'd say, you could try some whole herb. I do believe that it is still available, maybe among reddit sellers but it's probably just as well and less fuss to have a little "behind the pharmacy" stuff around. If , of course, it will not interact with your other supplements. On just one 30 mg... I've DJ'd... stayed up quite late dancing on other occasions, remained the chatty one, and etc. Please do not drink alcohol with it. The interaction there is the worst I've personally experienced! I believe that it is technically legal, to grow Ma Huang? (or various ephedra plants)... ornamentally... various herbal and ornamental suppliers carry them... just a heads up
Also, you may enjoy the feeling of various ginsengs as well. They are quite varied, and each of us is quite different. Ephedra can be quite euphoric, actually. at the right doses, it seems to actually increase desire for activity, which actually CAN promote natural dopamine. (I'm talking about the "WOOHOO I CLEANED THE WHOLE GOD DAMN HOUSE " feeling. ;) Ginseng in itself - well, Eleuthro with green tea can be a very calming sensation. Other ginsengs can have a very "agro" edge, adn that's soemtimes a helpful factor in "tenacious work," something that Ephedrine can also impart as well.

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