Armodafinil dosing tips? How often a week? Generic recommendations? I've got Wakalert, 2nd day. Noticed it affects appetite and sleep. How do people go to sleep at a normal time on this? Considering stacking with noopept.
Take it really early (6-7am) and take big dose valerian root around 9pm you'll be knockout at a reasonable hour

Half a tab for me for crazy focused work

Quarter tab for jet lag / menial tasks and focus but slightly less tunnel vision and more creativity

1/8th of a tab for increased social skills and public speaking

Twice a week max for me
I do lots of Wordpress stuff and it kills my creativity man, I've ruined sites and then off pill looked at them like woah it looked fine before lol.

Pill splitter off Amazon dude :) they work well as the wakalert has a line in middle
I did read it killed some creativity. That's interesting to hear. My creativity has suffered for years due to working for the man. I can only go up from there I guess.
I have used quite a lot of modafinil and my biggest conclusion is; bigger doses dont help. I take max half a tablet (100mg) but prefer taking quarters. Futhermore dont drink much coffee / caffeine. Best to stack with modafinil is theanine. I take 0.1mg melatonin 5 hours before bed time and 0.1mg as i get in to bed
I stay away from dosing melatonin

A) it's illegal in the U.K. So why wait for us shipping

B) my body makes it naturally and after feeling the long term side effects of taking modafinil nearly every day for a year has had on my dopamine and motivation

I don't want to develop similar issues from taking melatonin

Valerian root = natural and effective, if you can handle the smell hahahaha

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