Is a 14 day cycle enough to reap any benefits or should i just wait untl I can afford a longer cycle. Its costly otherwise i would just go straight for a long cycle. Also can I use 31g 1/4in insulin(slin pins) syringes? is it watery or more oil like(where i would need a very large gauge syringe). Not new to pinning but new to this substance. The only other thing ill be running it with is MK/GHRP peps/Ipamorelin, HGH - not all but one or two of those.
In my experience noticeable benefits can appear from day 1 to 5. Fourteen days is a good first cycle. It's "watery", and you need 5 ml syringes with long needles for an IM shot. I've been using 21g X 32 mm for years with no problems. Butt cheek, go deep. I'm not aware of any interactions between GHRP's and Cerebrolysin...I just had a terrible hypoglycemic episode from Ipamorelin two days ago, but I'm new to them. Never again without carbohydrates and at high doses.
It's an injectable peptide - I'd expect you to feel it virtually instantly or at most within 30-45 minutes - even THAT would be quite a delay. But I do recall some things you mentioned about your health in previous posts (without going into that). And with you, there might be some nerve damage which would account for some delay in 'feeling it' in terms of the difference; I say that because I feel things very rapidly.

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