So I've been taking some supplements for a little less than a week, and so far I'm fairly disappointed. My stack is 300mg Choline (APC), 10mg Vinpocetine, 10mcg Huperzine A, and 400mg Oxiracetam twice a day (three times a day on the racetam), with some Thiamine and about 5mg PRL-8-53 in the morning. From what I have read this should be a fairly effective cholinergic stack helping with focus and memory, but so far I'm not seeing it. For the record, I started off taking 800mg of the racetam twice a day, but that was just giving me headaches and making it hard to concentrate, so I switched to 400 x 3. Should I just wait longer to get the effects, or make some kind of change? Is my brain weird because I'm not really getting significant benefits? Thanks for any advice.
I just got off Wellbutrin (mind you I wasn't on it for years but before that it was Zoloft). I was one of those annoying people would could not only remember conversations (who said what) but what people were wearing and where they were standing at the time. Now, nadda. I'm studying Italian and having to make excuses to my teacher and it's not only frustrating but embarrassing. I just started NSI-189 but it's not supposed to kick in for two weeks. I also researched other stuff to (hopefully) rebuild what's been broken. Good luck.
Noopept works for me, piracetam gives me headaches, still open to trying other racetams but so far noopept works. Still though, under a week is rushing, at 2 weeks you should notice some initial improvements to memory. With focus some react instantly, and some not at all, maybe another racetam or peptide is for you.
You might have jumped in at the deep end. Look at noots like piracetam, noopept, vinpocetine bacopa, ashwagandha Rhodiola. Scan around for beginners stacks, adjust to your needs. Give things a chance. sometimes you need to take things in isolation to gauge effects and then add others in tweaking all the time. Off topic here I know, but for me getting into noots was like the first 2-3 times I took coke. Everyone was raving about it and I built it up so much in my head I didn't feel anything, then bang! The fourth time it took off, I became a space cadet, a jabbering bellend, and gladly now, a former convert. With noots if you have patience it will pay off.

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