I ordered about 400mg of IDRA-21 and it came in the other day. Just to be safe, because it's a really new research chemical and there's very little published information on human use, I've read about 5 or so research papers on its effects on lab animals at varying dosages in relation to body weight (also Reddit/Wikipedia/Google). However, I remember there was (at least) one person in this group who has used it. For anyone that has any additional information on IDRA-21, especially with regards to dosage and/or subjective experiences, please link me or post.

I've read some scary stuff about people having bad experiences, which I think was more an error of dosage and getting psyched out, so again, I'd really appreciate anything you all might be able to come up with. Also, if there's any interest about what I've read about research done to date, please feel free to ask :) I'm not an expert or anything but I'll do my best to explain whatever's asked.
It's been about 5 hours since I've taken a dose of roughly 3.5mg of IDRA-21.

I've noticed no notable side-effects; heart rate has been stable, no sweating, focus has remained constant/normal (and largely unaffected), and breathing pattern is pe
rfectly normal/unaffected. The only negative I've noticed is a very, very minor headache, but I took a Tylenol and feel perfectly fine – I suspect it was due to dehydration more than anything since I had it prior to dosing. So far so good. I'll up the dose to 5mg in 24 hours to see if there's any notable effects. No other RCs/Supps have been stacked. Using caffeine (coffee) doesn't seem to produce a negative reaction.

For reference: I'm a 280lb, 6'2" Caucasian male. I imagine bodyweight is likely an important factor to consider when dosing.

I haven't come across anything about neurotoxicity except when taking IDRA-21 in conjunction with glutamine. So, I imagine your current diet will largely depend on whether or not you lapse into a seizer or some other negative side-effect/s.
It is not such a terrible compound, too much myth around of it.
Try to find your correct dosage, start low first, like 7-10 mg oral. Take into account that half life is around 48 hours. I've tried it a couple of times, feels good, however I've never consumed more than 10 mg. If you search on reddit you will find that the bad reputation of Idra 21 was due to a person called "elektra" that took too much in the first.
Tried IDRA, & it felt really odd.
I did some research, & couldn't find any experience reports that didn't end up in a manic, suicidal, dark mess, so I dumped it.
did hydra with 4pmpd is like addys. Only problem was my shaky hands and I do sushi so gave them up. Don't mix unless you want to be jumpy for the next 6 hours. I swear I felt like I did a whole mess of c...ck.

So just tried idra-21 for the first time since last summer. 7mg sublingual. Its been about 10 minutes and already all I can say is wow! 5mg would probably have been plenty. I just loved this stuff last summer and had forgotten just how pronounced it was. Wide open. Laser focus. As usual I can see where to much would cause someone to freak out. I love ampakines and as long as you don't overdo it, this one rides for 2 days straight yet when your ready to close your eyes I've always been able to sleep. I always combine with Phenibut to combat any anxiety so these are both reserved for special occasions. What the hell it's my birthday.

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