PIRACET 800mg When giving effect ????!!
Rapidly from what I've heard. Some things you can use to accelerate uptake of it are:

(1) vigorous exercise - speed walking for 25-45 mins (more if you have time but that's a minimum to aim for); HIIT

(2) CoQ10 - it increases circulation

(3) essential fats - olive oil, coconut oil - they also increase circulation and support digestion

(4) intermittent fasting - increase absorption rate of everything (which can be unsafe depending on what has recently been consumed)

(5) green tea - has a thermic effect and increases circulation

(6) mindfulness meditation - increases circulation by optimising breathing rate and depth and, in turn, lowers blood pressure (which relaxes and opens blood vessels wider - known as vasodillation)

(7) L-Arginine - also a vasodilator

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