Piracetam. ...advice on cycling and stacking

I'm about to start taking Piracetam.

Powder or pills?

From what I've read here, most are "on" for a month "off" for a month.
Is this the best method?

What do you suggest taking during the off month?

The first month of me taking piracetam was amazing, my mind felt fresh and clear and helped me with stabilizing my mood and reduced my social anxiety, it does help me a little to speak like a machine gun but that only was on the first month, after a while i increased the dosage to seek the same experience but nothing happened and suddenly piracetam became useless
Aniracetam is great because i take it everyday and still getting the same effects, what he does is to stabilize the mood and and to have an amazing I/O, information in and out, when im on it i will not hesitate to start speaking about almost anything and i will keep giving information out my brain non stop which is amazing
My experience has been similar. Piracetam works the best for me if I use it once in awhile. If I try and use it several days in a row I'll get brain fog and feel dumb. Aniracetam while not as potent for me seems to work predictably. Again just my experience, I've heard some report that Piracetam works great all the time and they don't see much benefit from aniracetam.
My brain adapts (maybe tolerance is a better word) to drugs fairly quickly. For this reason I've found cycling works best.
Would cycling these two (one month Pira then off a month and while off Pira I use Anira for a month) be a good way to go? Or do you need continued use of Aniracetam to see results?

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