Anyone else get extreme headaches from Adderall or other stimulants? How to get rid of the pain of adderall headache?
I can get foggy
YES, and tachycardia!
I would when I wasn't properly taking my blood pressure meds and my bp would skyrocket. I'd get a small battery powered cuff from walgreens if I were you because my doc told me they could kill me if my BP got to high.
Both Ritalin and Adderall gave me horrible headaches. I barely lasted a month on Ritalin. I took Adderall a couple months, but I started at the lowest dose and increased it at 6-week intervals. Just as I was hitting a dose that was making a positive difference for me, the headaches started. I am now on 600 mg of provigil and have been at that dose a couple of years.
I can't take Provigil or Nuvigil bc I'm allergic to those. :-/
Adderall instant release has been working great other than needing an increased dose again but now, the past 2 weeks, I get a HORRIBLE headache every day right after my noon dose.
Thats the one. 3 or 4 times a week. There are a few other headaches I get too but that's by far the worse and I have always suspected the stimulants.
I was just going to ask the same question but about provigil. I seem to get cluster headaches above my right eyebrow when I can feel the dose wearing off. I did notice last night I got sorta dizzy as it was wearing off too
I have this every day of my life, plus a terrible one when I wake up. I take headache medicine on the really bad days, but overusing that can lead to rebound headaches. I am interested in hear what ideas other people have.
well, you will get used to it, i've been taking aderall for some time now. every now and then if i am sick or extra tired, i'll experience that headache but for the most part it's much better.
i also take a relatively low dose, which lowers the severity if those headaches.
are you on extended release? or regular? what's your dosage like?
I've never taken Adderall bit I know on my Ritalin if I don't force myself to drink a ton of water I will always get a headache
I've been on Ritalin since 87 with increases in doses as I grew up then I hit a time period around 30 years old where the Ritalin would finally build a tolerance. So I take adderall for about two months then switch back to Ritalin. Never had headaches or loss of appetite. Btw I take a 20 mg adderall about 3-4 times per day on Ritalin I take 30 mg 3-4 times per day.
Could be a side effect that will go away. I had a similar problem that lasted only for a short time.

The provigil and nuvigil pain from headaches (severe) lasted for months for me without getting better, so I had to stop. Adderall gives me moderate headache, but I only take it as needed if I get too tired during the day, I mostly rely on Xyrem.

I did not have headaches with Provigil or Adderall.. but I had no energy when I took Adderal..I took Clonazapam to help me sleep which it did, but . Ad did not make me alert... I was in bed as much in daytime as night,, felt lethargic all the time
Maybe aspirin for headache, and definitely hydrate yourself by drinking loads of water
My son used to get horrible headaches from Adderall. The doctor put him on Cyproheptadine to try to prevent the headaches. It did help with his extreme motion sickness. He was also put on Neurontin (Gabapentin) to help with the side effects of Adderall.
Provigil/nuvigil gives me horrible headaches, but adderall doesn't. If the one you're taking is causing problems, it's possible another might not. I think headaches from stimulants is pretty common though.
I'm someone who only rarely gets headaches. I have had one for days now and am on Ritalin. I'm kinda wondering if it's the stems too.

Water water water. This way you can get rid of any kind of headache causing by adderall. Eat before you take and just keep yourself hydrated.

This is me!! I also am diagnosed with migraines so it's fun let met tell ya! I have tried provigil and nuvigil and holy hell the headaches were unbearable so went on Ritalin didn't help and am now on adderall good luck it's awful when you're exhausted AND you have headaches
Yeah I had migraines as well and my doctor thought it was because I had narcolepsy and I was just tired which caused my headaches. The provigil was so bad I hated it so much it didn't help and gave me headaches along with nausea. But you're right lol it does suck having headaches and being tired lol I'm hoping they go away after my body gets used to taking it.
Two of my boys were on Adderall and had to be prescribed Cyproheptadine for the headaches and Neurontin for the mood swings caused by Adderall.
I had to quit taking Adderall because of my headaches. When I stopped taking it, the headaches stopped. I now take Provigil. It's not perfect as far as treating my N, but I don't have any side affects.
I did get headaches with it. I carry around a 500 pill bottle of ibprofhen
If I take my Adderall when I've already got a headache, it makes it so much worse! But I'm pretty sure the meds aren't the trigger. Idk, it could be the trigger, I'm not a headache person regularly.
Ritalin gave me headaches for years, adderall doesn't. But migraines run in my family and I think I finally got away from them somehow.
I get headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches. They are usually triggered by weather pressure changes, sleep deprivation, cataplexy, and neck tension/pain. Headaches in the afternoon I think are side effects. I have headaches almost everyday.

Before I get a migraine my body is very weak, my limbs are heavy. I can barely function. I take vitamin B-complex and calcium/magnesium/D complex. Might help I'm not sure I notice much difference.
I'm on the instant release and I had issues with headaches when i started it about a year ago. Stopped because they we're so bad and tried some other things. Now I'm on 10mg 3 times a day and I break my tablets and space them out throughout the day depending on what I'm doing and how long I need them to last. Breaking them in half closer to the end of the day also helps prevent the crash and I try to make sure I eat small meals throughout the day which I also didn't do before. I have only had one headache since going back on it. Its a million times better than before with the changes ive made. Also if you haven't already get some magnesium oxide from your pharmacy most keep it in stock to sell over the counter. Its like $5 for a bottle of 120. We keep it to sell at the one I work at. I take 400mg every day and it's really helped control my migraines which I've had since I was 5. Good luck!
You have to stay hydrated or you will get headaches
Adderall can give you those headaches in many ways - tension from anxiety, jaw clenching. It's terrible. I had to get off it. Was also making me very edgy.
It really depends on the person: I believe headaches can be a side effect of Adderall, but the only real way to know how your body will react is to try it
Mine usually would go away after the first few days..nothing would seem to help mine but time
I get them toward the end of my work day. To help mine, I chug a glass of orange juice because it helps when my adderall starts wearing off on days I'm really tired.
Oh yes. I'll usually get them within an hour of taking it. The doctor said I get the headaches with the IR cause it is such a quick up. Unfortunately I take Imitrex daily to get rid of the headaches.

I've been on it for 3 weeks. The first 2 days I was up all night. I've lost probably around 10-15 pounds because I have no interest in food even when I *know* I have to eat. I've had a real pain from a headache the last few days but that could be the weather. I'm more alert during the day but the exhaustion when it wears off is ridiculous and it isn't helping with the night time sleepiness. Co-workers have commented on how alert I am, though...

Also right now I'm boycotting Adderall due to bad headaches at 20 mgs so I'm attempting Nuvigil for the first time.
I'm on adderall 20mg three times a day and started to notice bad headaches as well. I've split it up into small doses but in the end the headaches still come. It's the only stimulant I take. Vyvanse made me crash hard and feel awful. Never had a bad go with adderall until this past few weeks. Will try breaking them further. Good post OP!
Make sure you're hydrated. Drink lots of water. These types of medications tend to dehydrate you and cause headaches in the process.
Are you taking it on an empty stomach or after you've ate?
Some say it's best to take it on an empty stomach but some can't. But doctors have also said to make sure you're eating as much as possible while on the drug and protein can help prevent the headaches from happening. Yeah, as hard as it is to sometimes eat on these types of meds, we have to push ourselves to. Otherwise we just hurt ourselves and cause further issues. What I do is just eat small amounts throughout the day. As well as drinking lots of water. Protein shakes, or things like instant breakfast are sometimes good for those who have a harder time eating regular food early in the day or night. Carnations instant breakfast tastes amazing and they have lots of flavors. Chocolate malt is my favorite.
Stopped taking my adderall and decided to take only 5mg. Instant headache

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