If you take adderall how long does it take for it to kick in? For me it seems to take almost 2 hours...
At least an hour and after taking it a while sometimes don't even feel it. Also may just need to switch brands. There's one brand of adderall that don't work at all on me.
Like 30-45 min. Sometimes it doesn't work and I have to take another dose. :/
I may have ask this before but if anyone responded I somehow missed it, . I take Adderall for my N. It usually takes about an hour to kick in, its the only thing my insurance will pay for. I am percrib 3 20mg a day. I'm wondering if that is the norm, because it wears off by 6 pm. I usually take one at 5 am, one at 10 and one at 2 , so about 5 hrs between them.
My Doc says (And yes, I know this is going to sound silly, but...) to take it when I first get up; that if we wait until we're tired to take it, it won't work as well. That sounds like snake-oil, I know, but he's right. I've proven it just between days when I remember it vs those when I don't. If I don't take it until I'm tired (2 hours after I get up, on average), it can take hours to kick in, or not kick in at all. If I take it first thing, I don't GET tired for about 7 hours.
If I know I'm going to need a second dose, I take it well before the first one is worn off.
It seems to be very similar to controlling pain after a surgery or severe injury. It's much easier to keep in control than to try to regain control after it's gotten bad.
If I take it in the morning to wake up earlier than I normally would, it can be two hours. It isn't as strong if your circadian cycle is still telling your body to sleep. Managing the circadian cycle is key if you want stimulants to work properly for narcolepsy.
Taking before food is actually better than after, if you do it with a meal. Better to take before waking up, then let it absorb, then wake up for real like an hour later.
I usually take 2 dexedrine right when I wake up, 1 instant and 1 extended. The instant takes maybe an hour, and the extended takes, like, 4 hours. Enough for the instant to be kind of dwindling.
If I'm really tired then it's not uncommon for me to chew up one of the instants. They aren't really that bad tasting in my opinion.

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