What has me really sold is the Tyrosine.. from what I gathered on web md and other info site Tyrosine helps with Narcolepsy ( I was sold right there...)!!!! If I can find a alternative to Adderall but does harm my body like Adderall can do and not make me feel like a drug addict while also help the rest of my body function like "normal" I'm all for it!!! Well let's face it no one is normal so I should say properly... lol.. As of now is anyone else on Addium? Can you compare Adderall vs Addium?  If you haven't tried it would you try it? I'll put links on the ingredients to explain how they function..
What ADDIUM has in it..
TYROSINE – May help you create neurotransmitters that promote mental alertness.
GABA – Claimed to prevent over-excitement and maintain focus. 
BACOPA MONNIERI – May help increase cerebral brain flow, and by proxy, cognitive function. 
ALPHA GPC – Helps neurotransmission function properly. 
VINPOCETINE – May help increase ATP energy production. 
HUPERZINE A – Claimed to help prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine.

there a difference between Adderall and Addium though In the long run addium improves your brain function and then when you don't take it your brain still works like it's on it because it improves your memory and brain functions, adderall is actually short term it only last when u take it then the next day u feel like shit unless you take another one, it does however boost the fuck outa your brain, but that's because there's methamphetamine in it ur brain is fully functional but it actually decreases your creativity too which sucks an there's mad side effects on adderall like it depends on the person but there are a shit ton.... And I guess since it's a methamphetamine it can burn holes in ur brain if u consistently use it. I would recommend to try modafinil instead. It is stronger than addium and doesn't have adderall-like side effects.


I would never take any nootropic with the name add or dex in it marketing scheme to get people to relate it to adderal which is a cognitive enhancer not a nootropic best nootropic for budget is noopept my fav is aniracetam and/or coluracetam for its anxiolytic effects Piracetam is a classic too buy bulk powder not capsules and cap em yourself to save big $


 I should've figured that anything with "addy" in the name was an rip off of what I already get prescribed that I want to replace! lol But it has some great reviews, can never tell who are real people or employees padding fake reviews, that's why I posted here. Thanks for your time and the feedback, I'll check into what you suggested.


I've tried adderall and have yet to ever try anything which compares in the sense of giving you an amphetamine-like tunnel of focus. Honestly, I'm not sure if you can get that way without amphetamine salts.That being said, I've gotten quite far by coming up with a stack which targets what is primarily pulling me out of focus, which is anxiety and stress.

I take Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola Rosea, Picamilon, L-Glutamine, ALCAR, Caffeine, L-Theanine, and Noopept every day.

I've also been trying Oxiracetam and CDP Choline for focusing which I've enjoyed. It is significantly more subtle than something like Adderall, but I imagine it's far easier for me to appreciate its effects having not been on adderall for 15 years.

Your first step in replacing Adderall would be to eventually stop taking it, either cold turkey or gradually. It's probably going to be really hard, since Adderall has such a strong effect and since you've been on it for so long.

I'd keep asking questions like you are. I'm merely an enthusiast regarding nootropics, but there are a lot of people like you who are on something a bit more hardcore than the average noot who want to take something which has a bit more support for long term health. The solution is out there, but you need to know that it's quite likely going to FEEL very different from Adderall in the end.

Above all else, treat the causes while merely trying to handle the symptoms which come up along the way. If you're easily distracted and run out of mental energy, find activities which support focus and mental energy. Exercise, sleeping regularly, a healthy diet, and meditation are four primary pillars which NEED to be in balance before any major graduation of focus and mental energy takes place. I could be wrong, but I don't think there's any way around those four primary ideas. If your diet or exercise routines suck, your body and mind will reflect that.

And I'm not talking about meditating once a week or catching up on sleep on the weekends. Your mental habits (which define how easily you'll get distracted or how much mental energy you have) need to be honed every day. Consistency in habits is more crucial than any singular event.

Rant over. Just thought I'd put those ideas on the table in case they help. At the very least it feels like you're looking in the right direction and starting to ask the right questions. Good luck!


It's basically a 'natural' adderall. There are a few different ones out there nd this one seem to give the least bad side effects cuz it lacks a few ingredients tht the others have


We can't turn Nootropics into a brand. It's a way to mask things and lure people in pricey mixes that don't force them to search and learn about individual substances. Until you learn how to find better bulk supplier, use powdercity (powders, not caps as it's cheaper for more) and whatever other members on this topic suggest. Go to Addium's ingredient page to figure out how cheaply you can replicate the mix even!


Several problems with Addium, Theanine, is calming and makes me drowsy, GABA is also calming it works as a sleep aid same as vitamin B6, and lastly which is seems to be the case for me Bacopa makes me grumpy. Also "proprietary blends" are risky since you never know how much of each ingredient you are really getting. It could be 90% caffiene. Or it could be a single serving of it, no way to know. 

I have taken other supplements with the same ingredient list, and also separately, no I would not buy it. 

This would be a supplement that would work better for ADHD in that it is designed to create more of a calm focus.


Sick of being inslaved to amphetamine prescriptions. So much I did some research a while back, and in fact placed an order for Addium, to try it out.

So far these results are quite amazing, and I am absolutely satisfied. If I can come off of my prescription for adderall and switch to a more natural substance, it will put the cherry on top of my sundae.


so far addium  kicks in in a half hour and gets progressively better through our the day. Way closer to adderall then the addium was. Overwhelming feeling of clarity and focus but not to much clarity and focus to make me a zombie just enough to get things done but still be social. So far so good, no problems and looking forward to day 2 tomorrow morning!


There's some science behind what's being offered in these ads, but the majority of the stuff in that supplement isn't really worth it, or in a dosage that doesn't really make sense  Most of these are a class of drug called Nootrophs, and if taken incorrectly, they can seriously hinder you. You're messing with brain chemistry, and it can get pretty ugly. However, they is some science to back up responsible usage. If you're interested, there's a large community on reddit with some hard numbers on all the different types 

I don't have narcolepsy, but I did look into these to try and offset other symptoms. While I didn't try them for long (maybe about a month), I did actually notice an improvement. Again, and I can't stress it enough, if you're going to take anything that's going to modify the chemical balance in your brain, research it rather thoroughly, the results vary pretty significantly from person to person.

I just looked through to see what nootropics that Addium bottle is using, and while I recognize them from the reddit board, HUPERZINE A stuck out to me because it was one of the ones I looked into taking (I did not end up taking HUPERZINE). Huperzine A increases the availability of Acetylcholine by preventing the breakdown of it. On its own, sounds not so bad, but all the components in this drug either provide Choline (the precursor to acetylcholine), increasing the amount of the chemical available (GABA, ALPHA-GPC), inhibit the breakdown of it (Hup A, Bacopa Monnieri), or are vaso-dilators (Bacopa, Vinpocetine). When you cut off the breakdown, and at the same time bump up the availability, you run the risk of some heavy side effects, which actually aren't too different from the effects of adderall. You'd honestly be better off taking just the breakdown inhibitor OR increasing the amount of choline/acetylcholine available. You'll also be able to find these Addium chemicals for cheaper on their own (in pill or powder format) allowing you to choose what you take, and adjusting dosages to suit you. Don't trust any "Brain Enhancer" drug that doesn't list exact amounts of each chemical.


Bacopa tends to make me OCDish and gumpy. A cheaper option would be to pick up some Bacopa by itself, see how that affects you first. The rest of it, I only get minor benefits from. Also Tyrosine actually does not work for long with Narcolepsy since hypocretin is needed to keep the adreniline/noradreniline from being broken down by the brain/body. Basically after about a week, I would just get anxious with no benefits. 


There are definitely cognitive-function enhancing chemicals out there. I haven't researched addium or whatever but there are some chemicals such as Noopept and Aniracetam which I have actually dealt with and are very cool to research. 

Aniracetam isn't legal in the USA as it isn't approved by the FDA, but in Europe it's used to treat cognitive diseases like Alzheimer's. 

Noopept was created in Russia. And long story short, the rats that were given Noopept figured out the maze quicker than any other rat. 

Cognitive enhancing materials are definitely a real thing just not really popular :p  I'll look in to addium and see what it's about. Unfortunately I never take Adderall to tell you the difference.

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