Adderall vs Dexedrine experience. Please share your experience
I'm so frustrated with my pharmacy and need to vent... every single month there is a problem getting my medications filled, either insurance or pharmacy mistakes. I'm always very understanding and nice. Well I'm offically pissed! I just started my narcolepsy meds back up after nursing and pregnancy. I had a prescription written for Dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine) and they gave me Amphetamine - dextroamphetamine (Adderall). I took it for a whole month before realizing that they made a mistake and gave me the wrong meds. Adderall has made me very sick in the past. I've lost over 5 lbs this month, had high bp, migraines, nausea, ect. And now I know why! Thank goodness these meds are somewhat similar and not for completely different things. My advice to everyone would be to check your medications when picking them up... it's definitely a scary thought to be taking the wrong medications!
First post as a new member. I'll give a quick scenario of my past . Diagnosed in 1990's with narcolepsy. It was mild back then and Dexedrine was the drug of choice. In 7 years i worked my way up to 60mg (15mg cap) a day. Then i went on Provigil and liked it. The dexes caused me to play superman, finding me taking on huge cool projects. After finding myself becoming compulsive to the point of starting things and going to the next before finishing anything, i figured i'd better get off of the dex. So, 12 years later, the modafinils are loosing there ability to keep me awake. In part because i stopped A 15 year bout with Tramadol, A drug that woke me up. So now i'm back on dex. Here is my problem..... ...............................So far every genaric adderall and dex instant release pill i have been prescribed are either FAKE or i have a built up tolerance that never recovered in the years i was off the dex. My Dr has me now on 15mg caps, generic(30mg / day). They have very little effect and i have to crush them to make them work, and removing the time release only gives me a few hours of mojo. I seam to have a problem getting him to bump up my dose, but he does not want me to build a tolerance to this generic ineffective garbage they now are pushing on us. I am going to try Wallgreens for the old 15mg real dexedrines to see if its me or if the quality of the generics are at rock bottom. It really burns my ass that they charge 1000% more for this drug than it cost to make, let alone skimp on it.... ..........................................................................................................So, is it me or the generics?????????????????????? I took 50mg of adderall one day after finding 10-20-30-40mgs trials didn't even think of waking me up. I still was able to fall asleep on 50mg. ...................................................................................... One other thing, I quit the ultrams due to low testosterone and i have been forced to work without a Dr to fix that issue. I have found the average MD has no intention of learning anything about finding out why, or even being up to date about the subject of TRT and i even had to tell two drs that opiates cause low T. If you find you have low T, btw, read EVerything about it before trusting a so called doctor to administer the cure that he learned in school 25 years ago. Most of the problem can be solved without testosterone, but thats a whole new subject. The reason i brought this up, is that Low T in men can mimic narcolepsy in the lack of ambition and low energy/fatigue area. I cannot explain it, but they can both be a double whammy, so get checked!. ..................Anyhow, sorry for the long story
I usually take dexedrine extended release 2-3 times a day. Doc said let try Vyvanse. I researched it first and found the active ingredient is dextroamphed (dexedrine) basically just made to have a different delivery and rate. I research everything since I have so many bad reactions to damn near every med I've tried (Ritalin reaction of feeling like I smoked a lot of pot, Adderall- very jumpy and shaky and headache and that speed fast and very tense feeling with nause , Nuvigil- vertigo and panic, Wellbutrin- panic attacks, IR Dexedrine- only lasted for an hour and same reaction as Adderall, and I know there is 2 others but I can't remember right now) . So I tried Saturday and Sunday. I felt a little anxious Saturday then got really cranky. Sunday I took it about 11am. I was extremely anxious and aggited. The Vyvanse itself seemed to only last 4 but the negative effects lasted all day. To the point to where I had to take a Xanax and Phenergan about 430pm to help with the anxiety. So I guess it's back to my tried and true dex ....
I just started Dexedrine, 5mg per day was where the doc started me at. I am getting more out of this for focus than I did with Adderall and Vyvanse at max dosage. I also am dealing with less negative side effects so far. The duration is much better, and kicks in much faster. I am also not getting drowsy nor am I over stimulated, and my mood is holding so far, I usually end up with fatigue or a bad mood as my day goes by when I haven't been able to make phone calls as needed.
I took the 5mg at 9:30am this morning, it is now 4:20pm It seems to help me establish momentum and I don't get sucked into FB now either. I have actually been transitioning the way I am supposed to rather than just obsessively scrolling which is my normal morning routine. I actually did dishes as well so far.
So far I was able to set up transportation for 9 appointments from next week until september with medical transportation as well as making sure all of the info was on hand before I made the call. I also was able to contact 2 cases workers, update one with the appointment info (if this keeps up I won't need her anymore, which is a good thing) as well as calling 3 doctors offices to confirm information.
I was taking Adderall 30mg along with a 30mg XR capsule in the am, and 15mg of Adderall (no XR) in the early evening. After several years of this and what appears to officially be a medication tolerance, my doctor is switching my medication. Quite nervous about this frankly. I am going to continue to take a 30mg Adderall XR capsule, but I will instead be taking 20mg of Dexedrine alongside it, and 10mg of Dexedrine (no XR again) in the early evening. For those of you who used Adderall and went to Dexedrine, what was your opinion of it? I realize everyone's response to meds are different, but would love to hear how others have responded to it, especially if at one point, you had taken Adderall. Doctor is officially supporting SSD pursuance for me... Already and was denied. In the process of an appeal, but now she will officially support it... Eye opening and saddening though at 34 that my functionality has diminished so much, but such is life, I suppose... Hopefully switching to Dexedrine will help even a little bit.
I hate the enter button! Lol! Some people can't take dexadrine, I'm one, I took 5 mg and was in bed, wide awake but immobile, probably status cataplecticus. My neurologist said that it's something about it being the L side of the chemical, all chemicals have an L side and an R or Ar side, the one stimulant we almost never hear about anyone taking is benzadrine, mostly because almost no one takes it because it has little to no effect on them. Adderall is a combination of those so the brain understands it differently because it's the whole instead of the L part or R part.

The hard part is, you can't tell how you'll react to them until you try them, as you'll see, some people have more trouble with dexadrine and some with adderall. The best way to find out is ask your doctor for a 3 day prescription of each dexadrine and adderall to see how you react to them, if one doesn't work or works but makes you feel sick, the other probably will. Before I found L-citrulline malate, I was on 90mg of adderall a day, now I only have to take it when I drive because that's the deal I made with my doctor but I only take 7.5 mg now and it lasts most of the day, if I take it at 6 am, I don't feel tired until 4 pm. When I was on 30 mg 3x a day, the more active I was, the shorter it would last but it was generally a consistent alertness, with Ritalin, I was up and down all day and when it wore off it wore off fast. Adderall is much more consistent.
I have taken dextro for 3 yrs .. I go to pick my meds up (my husband brought the script in) and it was Adderall. The pharmacy showed script the dr signed for Adderall 30mg 2x a day and 10 in evening .. I called them no answer yet from dr .. just odd. My dexro is 20mg 2x a day and 10mg in evening .. plus my provigil.

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