RITALIN VS ADERRALL......... Do they both have the same effect? ?? Keeps you awake, alert and focused?
I think both Adderall and Ritalin work a little differently, not totally sure how but it appears that it can a lot of times be one or the other for people. If i was near internet instead of on my phone ip would look it up again. I take adderall and do pretty damn good. I feel almost human again on it, it's amazing! Actually when I am good about being on my schedule is can most days feel pretty normal, you always have your off days, but winter break has me a bit off my schedule so not as great at being on the schedule.
Ritalin and Dexadrine made our middle son a very angry child... Adderall XR was better... (long-acting) ... That was when my boys had a diagnosis of ADHD... Since being diagnosed (correctly) with Narcolepsy, Provigil is the medication of choice...
Totally different effects for me Adderall works Ritalin didn't we all react differently you just have to keep trying til you find the right drug (s) that will keep you going. On that note provigil will keeping me awake I still "felt" the fatigue the aches and pains associated with sleep deprivation were still prevalent
I just started on Adderall last Friday and have been doing great so far. I tried Ritalin before and I still fell asleep, almost like I never even took it
It's all a trial and error. Each person reacts differently to medication. Ritalin didn't work for me and gave me a stomach ache. Adderall is the only stimulant to work for me bit does have its side effects as well
I was on Adderall both IR and XR and was ok for a while but the irritability and the crash at the end of the day was too much to take. I switched to Provigil. I'm sorry but I've never taken Ritalin. My mom is on it and says it's awesome and her friend Lisa has been on it for years so it can't be that bad.
I took Ritalin for a while hated it. Adderall has 2 meds in it I believe
Me and ritalin did not work. I was mean, moody, it killed my appetite and made me violent. Me and adderall get along just fine.
I've never taken Ritalin, but Adderall gets me too neurotic and anxious. I take dextroamphedimine -- it is a lot like Adderall (it's in Adderall) but it doesn't cause that same nervous feeling.
Ritalin did not work for me at all. I love my adderall. Only thing that has worked so far. Also have tried provigil and vyvanse, no luck with those either. Every pill affects everyone differently...just gotta keep trying until you find the one that works for you.
Ritalin made my face twitch. Dextroamphedimine made me agitated and pissed. Adderall was great, no side effects other than occasionally i couldn't fall asleep easily.
Long term affects of ritalin are awful. If my dr suggested it I'd shoot that right down. But that's me personally. On adderal again after 10 years and it's ok. Makes my rls almost unbearable. But I need something through the day. I also become immune to it after a month or 2.... it all suc
If I would have taken ritilan much longer I would have ended up in jail. Bad mean and aggravation. Adderall made me feel like bevis and butt head at first, then I got use to it and now even at 20 mg 2x a day, its not as effective as it was.
Adderall for almost 20 yrs. No side effects but it got to the point where I was maxed out on dosage and still could fall asleep. Added Xyrem at night and feel pretty great...it's still new and have a ways to go but brain fog 80% better! Side note that I never knew: Adderall causes urinary retention (which is bad for your kidneys)- I always thought I just had a great bladder
I have been on adderall most of the time. I was on Ritilin for one month and hated it. It gave me nasty mood swings. It didn't last as long, It was almost like being on a roller coaster. I could the rush of it kicking in and the drop of it wearing off. My doctor calls ritilin a first generation medication. It was fine to prescribe when it was the only medication out on the market, but there are so many more out on the market now that are much better acting and have fewer side effects. My doctor won't prescribe ritilin unless he has no other choice.
I was just diagnosed with IH & possible narcolepsy about a month ago. I started out on 10mg of Ritalin, twice a day. I could feel it kick in & then feel it be gone only a few hours later. When I was coming down, I would get really weepy. And that wouldn't go away with the next one. Too up & down for me. Plus I was falling asleep at work right after taking it. I just started 15mg Adderall XR, once a day. I work nights, so I took it at 3pm yesterday. Still felt tired all day,but didn't fall asleep until 1:30am. Woke up an hour later & felt refreshed. Which is something that never happens for me with naps. Now I've been awake since. So I've been awake for 24 hours with an hour nap on 30mg. I really hope I can sleep tonight! I'm awake right now, but still feel drained. No motivation, but can't sleep either. I don't like that. :/ See my reddit experience

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