Does anyone have any experience with Addium vs Modafinil?

Not sure if I'd even try it. This stuff is the "generic" equivalent of Adderall, a prescription drug for adults with ADHD. Yeah, it can supposedly give you clearer thinking but I'm not so sure about the increase to one's IQ.


Addium is just a mix of nootropics for everyday use. Modafinil is a stronger thing... Just my own observation on my use of Modafinil 300mg per day. I have been using this almost everyday for about two months. I'm 47. It took several weeks to get up to 300mg. My body told me I needed a slow build up. It has helped me stay more awake and a bit more alert or dare i say, focused. Imo about a 20% increase. I have noticed I only see any improvement when I'm well rested with about 7 to 8 hours of sleep. And, when I'm up and active or engaged. I am still trying to push myself to see if this is actually helping me or not.


The only working substance is modafinil. Nothing (Addium, addtabs, Alphabrain) works or has ever worked for me. I'm just looking for something to lift my mood, a little effin energy, and maybe some motivation. I am IMMUNE to this stuff and I've been at it for years. From powders to sprays to injections SubQ and IM. Im in shape and eat well, but still nothing. I'm about to give up and just save my money

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