How do you guys take your adrafinil powder ? 
I just took mine with a cup of tea and it was the worst thing I've ever tasted.
Take adrafinil powder In water with phenylpiracetam and a-GPC. I don't drink it for the taste, I'll have a cappuccino for that
Buy a small capping machine and gel easy and hardly any cost.
Lol why won't more people use caps? You're nuts if you take most of these things where you need to taste it. If it's maybe around 10mg of adrafinil powder I can understand sublingual but if it's hundreds of mg it's just absolutely disgusting and shouldn't be bothered with. You also don't need a capping machine unless you are capping stuff that requires at least around 800mg doses. I just weigh it on the little scale and scoop it into the cap. easy. If you want to cap such small amounts in a capping machine you have to do some serious maths with some kind of filler or it's going to be quite difficult to get an accurate dose.
I understand the want for Adrafinil powder in caps, however I find packing caps is extremely time consuming and if you're getting ripped off for your caps, money leeching. The simple solution for the average uberperson needing to get 10-20 noots in their stomach is to grab their drink of choice, fill their mouths so as when they look 90 degree upwards, their tongue is covered. Proceed to dumb your adrafinil powder dose (doses, if you wanna do it quicker), swish around your mouth to make sure you will not swallow dry powder (length swished is directly proportionate to taste, with something as vile as hordenine or tianeptine, better swish for a microsecond ;) ). Once you have tossed and washed 7 grams of Kratom, nothing is un-toss-n'-washable!

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