Alpha brain or adrafinil: which is better?

Alpha Brain did nothing with me. Adrafinil was slightly better, but keep in mind that 1/3 of adrafinil is metabolized to modafinil, so you have to ingest 3x of what's the recommended dosage of modafinil which would be 200mg. So just track Sun Modalert, the cheapest and effective version of adrafinil. Standard dosage is 200mg.


 I tried alpha brain from onnit and while it did give me a little energy it didn't really give me the results I'm looking for Especially for the price.  I've also been on a ketogenic diet for a long time and have been taking mct daily for probably 6 months. Adrafinil seems doesn't give me necessary energy levels either.


True ketogenic is highly difficulty and impractical to sustain: there are just too many foods that are both a) essential and b) contain a significant enough amount of carbs (a lot of fruit and vegetables e.g. oranges are out - too much sugar, carrots are out - same reason...) Thanks for the honest review on Alpha Brain. For brain fog, Bacopa Monieri (Brahmi), Huperzine A (promising results so far in Alzheimer's human trials), Vincopetine, Phosphatidyl Serine + Phosphatidyl Choline, Ashwaganda, Wild Oat should all do the job either individually or stacked with each other (but don't take everything at once, you'll only be taxing your digestive system more than necessary...). At most, stack 2-3 decent strength compounds. An e.g. would be: Phosphatidyl Serine+Phosphatidyl Choline (they're an exception because they're both components of the same process - myelination) + Brahmi (basic pre-made stack you can get from a health food store) OR... PC + PS + Huperzine A OR... PS + PC + Wild Oat + CoQ10 to improve mitochondrial function (which always has it's "say" in how energetic you feel which then affects alertness and working memory).


I'm not a fan of nootropic mixes like alpha brain, qualia and others, and you can't compare mix with any single noot. Each noot is recommended for a single issue. Adrafinil causes that you do not feel mental tiredness. After long and working day you may be able to do something easier. Is a little mood and concentration is improved. Adrafinil do not cause rash like amphetamines and coffee. It is really good working and due to no mental tiredness it also improves power of will and motivation . Modafinil is a cheaper and stronger way to be awake and alert. Modafinil dose equal to 600mg adrafinil is 100mg

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