Has anyone compared Alpha Brain to Focus XT? And if so what was your preference? Ive ordered and tried Focus XT and love it but would like something stronger. Im interested in ordering unmixed nootropics aswell. Very interested in energizers, is Pramiracetam and noopept a good starter for a newbie? Any insight is welcome!
Focus XT and Alphabrain are premixed blends, so will naturally be more expensive than buying individual ingredients and making your own stack.

If you've got the cash and don't mind spending it, then by all means try both and see if they work for you and which you prefer.

For making your own stack, any racetam + choline + nooept is enough to get started with.
I REALLY like phenylpiracetam and stack it with noopept , and alpha gpc and l theanine (reddit helped); only problem is from what I read you shouldn't do pheynl more than 2/3 times a week. You have to cycle it or it builds up tolerance.

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