Ampakines vs. Amphetamines?
Any and all thoughts welcome!
Research on Ampakines is pretty limited, but we know that too much ampa agonism can be excitotoxic.

Amphetamines are well researched and clearly dangerous. In addition, some research shows that it doesn't actually improve performance, but improves the feeling of performance.
Ha interesting find on the amphetamines. Suits my anecdotal finds. Some close friends got ritalin or dex prescribed and they feel much more in control. Great, but i see them performing exactly the same. So if this is a matter of confidance, there are other and better ways.
There is nothing to say about ampakines vs. amphetamines comparison. I think that leveraging any one mechanism of the brain too heavily will produce side effects and unintended results because its a more complicated system than our theories can encompass. The benefits of one fulcrum or another to try to tip things in your favor is very dependent on your own situation. Neurochemistry is a zero-sum game because homeostasis is the goal of the body, but our ideas make us want more out of our minds.
Both ampakines and amphetamines lead to tolerance, amphetamines lead to withdrawal, ampakines don't. I don't think phenylpiracetam is an ampakine but it does lead to withdrawal if used a lot
Ampakines are for ordinary people who want to perform better at certain situations. Amphetamines are for junkies.
Dimitar: Adderall is a patented amphetamine mix.

It greatly helps people with ADD focus and work, but it slowly kills the soul IMO.

So many people seek alternatives.

I'm JW about the difference between Amphetamines and Ampakines.

I sometimes use Adderall, and I own a successful business.

I'm not a junky; I just feel I've lost part of my soul.
I've tried adrafinil (possible substitute for amphetamines) and aniracetam with great success. Both are very safe, no side effects if used properly. Adrafinil makes me more awake(if taken with coffee may not allow you to sleep over the night), aniracetam unlocks my creativity.

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