Are pramiracetam and huperzine A synergistic? I'm finding mixed results on google
Huperzine is synergistic with any other cholinergic. Whether thats a good result for you depends on a few factors though which might be why you dont find much around on it.Also AChE is on a three day cycle (similar to how MAO is on a two week cycle) so make sure to accommodate for that in your regimen. Doing too much enzyme inhibition eventually leaves you sensitized (or at least lowers endogenous production) and if you have thrown yourself out of balance like that then its not very nootropic in the end. Sacrificing well-being for productivity goes back to the base stimulant issue that makes stuff like Adderall definitely not nootropic.
try huperzine and pramiracetam with alpha-gpc or Centrophenoxine.

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