Ashwagandha vs KSM-66? Effectiveness, dosing differences, value? Differences in health benefits or dependency being an extract?
Same thing, same dosing, just ksm 66 is a cleaner form of ashwagandha. I take 2 grams when I use to take ashwagandha my eyes would get blood shot red now that I'm taking ksm-66 I don't have that symptom anymore. Also the the calmness is much more cleaner as well I want to try sensoril because they say it's the most potent kind of ashwaghanda you can get. I would recommend ksm66 for the reason being that they make sure it's clean they don't use alcohol or synthetic solvents. They use the root only no leaves for maximum clinical effectiveness.

Ashwagandha is one of my favorite nootropics as it helps with those things you mentioned. Anxiety gone super relaxed and chilled out, testosterone booster you will notice when you work out if you do, and cortisol reduction this I can't really tell but I hope it's working.
I take my ashwagandha with l theanine. And it's great to just relax and chill the feeling is almost sedating.

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