Does anyone have experience with baclofen vs xyrem? Probably going to start taking Baclofen soon and curious as to the similarities and effectiveness. I really want to stay away from xyrem if at all possible.
I've got idiopathic central apnea and am curious to Baclofen's effect on such, VPAP ASV treatment was not tolerated so if it has any negative respiratory effects, I probably should avoid it (like xyrem) unfortunately.?
I have been on Baclofen at night only for about ten weeks. It has been WONDERFUL!! You can see on many reddit threads that many people take Xytem and love it!! My sleep doc tried for years to get me to take it... I finally relented, and he wrote a prescription. Then, I went online to check for drug interactions with what I already take ... Xyrem has a potentially deadly interaction with Lamictal... slowing breathing to the point of stopping... So I cannot take it... I did my own research and found Baclofen, which is a derivative of GHB, which is the main ingredient in Xyrem. It doesn't have the heavy-duty side effects that Xyrem has. It has been on the market for 50 years as a muscle relaxer. Most sleep doctors don't know about it because there hasn't been a lot of research (old drug, no money to be made)... I found a study on a modified version of Baclofen, currently under testing. R-Baclofen has so far been more effective than Xyrem on lab-created Narcoleptic mice... This is promising... I hypothesized that since the modified version shows promise, the current version of Baclofen should work too. It is a GABAb agonist, as is Xyrem. The purpose is to provide quality sleep by consolidating the REM and NREM sleep patterns, which are fragmented in Narcoleptics. I brought the article shown below to my doctor, and he agreed to do a one-month trial of Baclofen. Since it works, I will be on it indefinitely. For me, Baclofen is very effective, in combination with Temazepam, both at night only. I still take Provigil in the morning. I finally have my life back!!
do you have Obstructive or a different type of Apnea? I couldn't tolerate the VPAP ASV for my minimal-moderate Idiopathic Central Apnea. I tried so hard but Cataplexy got way too serious...

Another question which may seem a bit odd and I know is not probably an advised manner of use, but something I've wondered about, is this.
Could this drug be used on a not every single night, but not so often, here and there for when energetic days will be needed (taking the night prior, that is) manner? -if not comfortable answering, just say so- Thanks.
I take it every night without fail... I would imagine it would be effective to use on an occasional basis. The effects were immediate for me, and it has a short half-life, so it doesn't need to build up in the system. My sleep doc said that it is most effective when taken with another sleep med. I take Temazepam with it. However, some have success with nothing else on board.
I have central apnea so my brain takes a time out in the corner when it comes to breathing. I already clock in at 5+ minutes from what I am told but some of it may be very very shallow breathing. In any event I am afraid to push that envelope. And have been told that xyrem will make it worse. In frequency and duration. Just wondering if Baclofen will do the same as it works the GABA receptor but no affinity for the GHB receptor. I have done a very very high dose of pure liquid GHB about 20 years ago but did not go to sleep on it. Was more recreational. Since xyrem metabolizes into GHB I know the potential side effects. But as I say never went to sleep on it. Could have been the large quantity of cocaine that countered the sleep effect. On an interesting note the shipping box that it came in was from new York and was labeled JAZZ Pharmaceuticals. Funny

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