Bacopa vs huperzine vs galantamine for memory?
Bacognize is almost as powerful as Cerebrolysin in memory retention imo. Huperzine A is one hell of an enzyme inhibitor, and would be best for study sessions, all nighters, etc but it's mainly focus not retention or recall.
Bacopa is good for an everyday use. Huperzine, I take only when I need it. It seems to have a sustained inhibition of achetylcholinesterase. I prefer bacopa on the reg because it has the choline actyltransferase activity and promotes ngf and bdnf.
Proper Latin for once a day is SID. Single ingestion daily, how I recall in ingles. Just sayin. Sid, bid, tid, qid= 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x. Galantamine did well for memory for me, huperzine not so much. Galantamine is really fun as a lucid dreaming product as well, though low-quality products give me a headache for some reason.
Huperzine a WINS for memory!!!
Huh...I've always taken bacopa for anti stress. Glad to know it's helping my shitty memory. Thanks for starting this discussion!
Bacopa did nothing for me in 12 weeks. I'm allergic to something in the Huperzine A i took, got welts on my skin.

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