I'm looking for reliable modafinil source but I think I'm moving through circles. Can you guys let me know of the best, cheapest and trustworthy modafinil resource in your opinion?

I bought 100 Modafinil pills from “Neo Modafinil”, to help with work productivity. The delivery arrived nearly a week ago. I ordered on the 28th and my package was shipped the next day. They also emailed me the tracking number as soon as it shipped.The price, including shipping to the US, was good value. Paid less than 100$ using Bitcoins.This is really the cheapest modafinil store I have found at the moment. The company also emailed me a 10% discount coupon for my next order. Their customer service was helpful and quick; I contacted them twice to alter my shipping info after ordering and each time they got back to after a couple of minutes. I’ve been using Modafinil for the best part of a year. This was my second order of it. I first learned about it from a workmate. I began on 100 mg. per day - a half-dose - and slowly increased my dosage from there. I noticed significant improvement in my work so I kept taking it. For anyone considering whether to try Nootropil; I’d definitely encourage you! Begin at a low dose to see how your body reacts, if it’s all good then ramp it up. That’s the best way; do not start with a mega-dose! As for Neomodafinil’s product, it’s professionally packaged in foil, just like the first batch I bought elsewhere. The expiration date was for 2 years in the future. The product is legit. This modafinil source is trustworthy and cheap. I highly recommend them to everyone, especially Americans. In an email, they asked me to review their service and I’ve done so happily, as I have no complaints or reservations about their excellent service.


I’m a first time customer of El Gato. I opted for SunModalert due to their good reputation among modafinil enthusiasts. Some other reliable vendors include Neo Modafinil,definitely cheapest and the exmodafinilcat company, Afinilexpress. It seems Afinilexpress are running a promotional giveaway over al google. They charge a little more than the competition but they seem trustworthy modafinil resource. Internationally, there are loads of cheapest and trustworthy Modafinil vendors, more than you could reasonably try. It’s an vast market and there’s been a huge influx of suppliers to meet the demand.For Adrafinil powder in bulk (modafinils pro drug), check out the Candian company, reChem Labs. They’re as legit as it gets and I trust them entirely to provide quality product. The only problem is that they won’t ship to countries where Nootropil is controlled, like the USA.


Modalert is a brand that I’d certainly recommend to people. I recently got some from nztdrugs.com source at a knockdown price below $1 a pill. It’s really cheap if you buy modafinil in bulk. I use it on an as-needed basis. The packaging was very unobtrusive and I didn’t need to sign for it. It arrived without damage or fuss, a very smooth trade. Their customer service was ok even though I sent them about ten emails, asking a lot of questions as a first time buyer. The product itself, Modalert, is one of about five brands they carry. I chose it based on it having the best customer feedback. The stuff works, it keeps me wide awake and focused. It really helped me with studying for my exams last week. I went a full day and night without sleep and I still felt great and rested. It activates in the system very gradually, it’s not like a sudden jolt of energy, but very smooth. The 200 mg. dose I took lasted throughout the day. The only downside is that if you take it late in the day it will keep you awake!


I just got my order today, 8 days after I bought it. It’s my first order from SunModalert company and I have to say I’m impressed with the fast shipping. I still have to try the product itself to see if the quality meets expectations. This modafinil source is the cheapest I have ever seen. One problem I had was with the order status side of things. It never got updated from “pending,” even once it had been exported from India. It’s still not updated even though I’ve got the package open in front of me! The order bug needs to be sorted out but otherwise, I feel quite happy with sunmodalert resource. I’d like to mention that I paid for my order via Bitcoins sent through Circle and this process was smooth and easy. If you guys are having any trouble using credit cards to buy your stuff, I’d definitely recommend this payment method!


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