Best Nootropic stack for Euphoria .. I like PEA and Hordene 
Noopept and aniracetam affect me in such a positive way that they make me feel good about my capabilities - an associative feeling with being high, just more natural. Though it does enhance my performance, Phenibut is questionable but definitely gets me high.
Jesus, just smoke weed man. You don't even have to smoke it, you can also vape and eat it, or drink it. You'd get an incomparably better Euphoric feeling with it, as opposed to 'wasting' nootropics on something they're not meant for.
I have used selegiline + PEA (usually 5mg sublingually + 40-100mg several times a day) for some time, and it isn't a good combo. Gives even strong euphoria for about 15 minutes and then left with 2h stimulation and stiffness. Really fast depletes from magnesium. I felt like a rat with a button for pleasure, but it doesn't make me full satisfaction, so i wanted to do it again and again, because of quick comedown.

On the good side, it gives a lot of energy and clear head, quick and accurate thinking. A level or two above the Ritalin,

Tianeptine is very affordable, at the moment I am using it in an experitment to get out of SSRI/SNRIs (typical treatments for depression if you were luckily unaware)


Rhodiola is amazing for my mood. L-tryptophan does wonders for my mood too, a precursor to both 5htp, and serotonin if I am not mistaken, so it will get absorbed and metabolized almost indefinitely , if you are one of those people who have problems with 5htp. An essential amino-acid just today this picked my mood right up, I felt unbelievably good. I went from waking up with ringing ears (tinnitus, a low serotonin symptom), and overall uncomfortable, just feeling "off". it is incredible when you realize exactly what your body is really craving, so you can feel baseline. as opposed to using a narcotic or alcohol or whathaveyou, something to feel content in your skin.


Be careful with that much. My box gives a warning of mania at higher doses without a gradual ramp up. It does modulate serotonin and is as effective as some patented antidepressants. Actually more effective since it begins lifting mood faster rather than taking several weeks.


Are you looking for euphoria or motivation? Longterm motivation is only achievable through the correct mindset, even drugs will fail to deliver it sustainably at some point.

Daily periods of euphoria however is pretty much only achievable with drugs.Most won't recommend that path at all, but I'm a believer (after personal experience) it is sustainable long term by using a wide alternating range of substances in moderate doses(to reduce tolerance mainly, but also addiction potential) and maintaining a proper health regimen to not start falling apart from constant use.


 In the spring of 2004 I did ephedra to lose weight and I cooked off about 75 pounds in about 4 months and it very nearly killed me. I didn't even exceed the dosage. I had to confront adrenal burnout for a few years after that and a real state of physical depression. The point I'm getting at is up until the very day that I was personally introduced to arrythmia and tachycardia I felt fantastic. You don't want euphoria. What you want is calm, the ability to think clearly under the gun, heightened memory retention/recall, and a wonderfully enhanced state of fluid intelligence. As a final bonus CE's will push down your levels of anxiety to such a degree that you'll sleep consistently well and your levels of personal confidence will rise effortlessly. The only other thing to add to this approach is hitting the weights. You'll feel that element of euphoria for a period of time after a good workout.


 I would suggest Tramadol. It will give you what you are looking for (euforia, energy, a positive outlook on life, the feeling that everything will work out). However it is addictive and after using for a while (say 3 months) you will experience a withdrawal for about a week. It is far less damaging then stims but it is a drug...


Tianeptine works well for me.The most euphoric substance I ever used was Oxycodone.Tianeptine gets me about 60% euphoric as the oxy did.Kratom has been hit and miss.I have used it felt almost manic and other times nothing at all.Caffeine(200mg)with modafinil(200mg)is good motivation stack.I also use 1000mg daily of tyrosine in divided doses.


The best, cleanest, and most long lasting non euphoric stimulant I've ever tried is without a doubt N Acetyl Semax (non amidate). It just keeps you awake, gives you tons of energy, and gives you feelings of well being without a drugged up fake euphoria like adderall does. If you have Chronic fatigue or Narcolepsy, or just want more energy and wakefulness, definitely pick some up. Stack it together with some Fluoromodafinil/Modafinil, Fasoracetam, Noopept, CDP Choline, and PRL-8-53, and you have the perfect wakefulness/motivation stack.


Tianeptine sodium along with the combo(Selegiline+ Moclobemide) rocks! In 1 hour i become much more social/euphoric foot pain(it increased lately because i must walk 5-10 km due to work)feels much better now.its pharmaceutical tianeptine (12,5 mg).give it a try guys.


Here is my experience with phenibut : First time i tried 500 mg , second time 500 mg , 3 time around 700 mg. Felt almost nothing , then yesterday (the first time was like 1mo ago , the last time around 1 week ago) i tried 2.4 g. I felt like being drunk but with the ability to reason, however, the cognitive functions in my opinion had worsened. I feel dizzy, even though I was calm and relaxed. A slight euphoric effect. A worsening motor balance. Today I woke up, and the effect appears to be still slightly perceptible.


Euphoria - Therapuetic quantities of Shilajit and Maca Extract, designed to foster an immediate enhancement of sensory awareness, supports relaxing into the moment, experience of the immediacy of the moment, Nourishment of the Endocrine System, Clarity of mind, Energizing. This is a perfect cacao to add to your AM warm beverage, simply drop one square into your tea/coffee in the AM first thing to get a clear sense of what this offers.


Phenylpiracetam, centrophenoxine and caffeine.


Euphoric stack.. Mate, you are in the wrong group. If you want euphoria don't try to beat around the bush, go directly for research chemicals. 4-fa, 2-fa, bk-mdma, bk-2cb, 6apb, 5apb, might be legal depending where you live.

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