Your top 10 favorite nootropics?
Here are mine:
1.) Methylene Blue
2.) L-Theanine
3.) Galantamine
4.) Modafinil 
5.) Noopept 
6.) Piracetam 
7.) Nicotine 
8.) PRL-8-53 
9.) Caffeine 
10.) Centella asiatica ("Gotu Kola")
I've been educated by the first three already; mitogen I'm still on the fence as I am with racetams in general - for mitochondrial function I prefer just to take reduced CoQ10 by a practitioner brand such as Bioceuticals.

I read recently that curcumin is now found to be not as effective as just turmeric and that the turmeric plant has other compounds in it which are excluded when only curcumin is taken.

Also worth noting is effective absorption of turmeric which is through (1) heated liquid and (2) dietary fats such as olive oil or coconut oil.

I didn't know vitamin D3 had much nootropic impact but it's great for the immune system I've read.
1-Pure Positive Thoughts and Sports 2- Fluoxetine and others SSRI (neurogenesis) 3-Taurine 4-Modafinil - Tand others -afinil 5-Noopept and racetams 6- 5HTP 7-Melatonine 8-Magesium Chelate 9-Creatine I want to try: N-Acetyl Semax Amidate and Cerebrolisin
Fasoracetam, Piracetam, PRL-8-53, Caffeine, PQQ, ubuiquinol, Omega 3/6, Vitamin B12, D3, and E. That's the top ten on my stack.
1-lsd 2-phenylp 3-sulbitamine 4-oxiracetam 5-pramiracetam 6 noptep 7cholin 8-omega3 9 adrafinil 10 magnesium
1) cerebrolysin. 2) cortexin 3)cerluten 4)mexidol 5)noopept 6) ciltep 7)mitogen from axon labs 8)nexus from axon labs 9) curcumin from natural stack 10)vitamin D3 from natural stack.

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