Hi guys! Many of you have asked me to post about Cerebrolysin's cycles and protocols. I've read many possibilities used by different physicians and clinical trials. However, for the sake of safety, simplicity and economy I'd recommend the following for beginners:

5 ml. daily for 10 days.
1 box = 5 ampoules
5 ampules = 10 shots of 5 milliliters each.
Load the whole 10 ml. ampoule in two syringes, use one and store the remainder in a clean dark plastic bag in your fridge. Cere seems to be sensitive to light so make sure it's protected.
DO NOT store the liquid in the open ampoule.
Alternate and rotate injection sites.

Give it time. Some people don't feel anything until mid cycle.

Good luck!

Why just 10 days? Can this be done longer? How long should I wait between cycles?
I debated this with a well-known member of Longecity by the name of Scienceguy. Oficial lab info states that 3 month wait periods are necessary, but they don't provide a rationale for the resting phase. I have yet to find a good reason as to why the peptides NECESSITATE to be cycled beyond the potential problems associated with frequent 5 ml. injections.

20 day cycles have been great for me. But they are too harsh on injection sites. 5 ml per shot is a lot of liquid!

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