Anyone familiar with Cerebrolysin injections? I notice they come in glass vials and you need to get a syringe filter because of the glass. Anyone know what type of filter you need for this and where to get them? Thanks.
Yeah I used insulin needles and IMed it, did 3 months worth and never had an issue... If you are paranoid about small pieces of glass you could do a micron filter but I think it's unecessary
You dont need any syringe filter man what you need is to break them properly. Thats standard medical vials, they are already sterile. Check YT plenty videos how break vials without cutting yourself, there's a little trick. I have used that kind of vials with other pharms literally dozens of times sometimes messed up, had tiny shards of glass inside but if you have a small needle gauge and you use an angle with care doesnt get insidle the needle (in case fails).
If cerebrolysin is coming in an ampule and need to be injected, there is no need to worry about glass if you draw with a needle.
The glass particles will be too big to pass down a needle.
You don't ever see a nurse or doctor use a filter to draw from and ampule do u ?
You can get a knotted area that can be very slow to dissolve, also the fluid can leak back out. Some nurses won't do more than 3 ml. Be sure to get your butt physiology worked out and don't hit the sciatic nerve, some people also aspirate (pull back a bit to check for blood return) to be sure they haven't hit any vessels. I was always taught to do it exactly halfway between your tailbone and the ball of your femur.
It is rare to inject more than 3 mls and 5 mls of cerebrolysin is maximum. The ventrogluteal muscle is the preferred site for large injections. I wouldn't like to use more than 3 mls per injection as you risk abcesses.
well I inject to 1 ml cerebrolysin , subq. now 5 ml seems like a lot of fluid to pump into muscle. every day. I will probably use gluteus maximus instead. dont want to hit the bone or something.
daily 2x2ml can contain 5ml bottle, I used that 1st time this year ( 12 days cycle or so ) - in 2 legs and it works brilliant, not sure about subq, probably it's not efficient.
Shots need a helper and most spouses don't have enough experience to stay clear of the sciatic nerve and potential permanent damage. Also (2),VERY SLOW injection equals pain, quick equals way less pain. Also (3), I've given and seen a ton of injections drawn from glass ampules (in the "old days", many more things came in ampules), never seen a filter used and doubt the need unless it's one of the govt.'s recent obtuse regulations.

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