One time stack, after 5 following days with only 5ml per day Cerebrolysin IM in thigh, with avg sleep 8 hours ( normally 7 hours, it increased to me needed sleep time ). 
10ml Cerebrolysin ( two times 5ml after ~3 hours, in 5 days cycle 30ml )
1.2g Adrafinil ( during 12h )
normal vitamins with B6, B12,
2 types Gingseng 450 mg + similar set like in vitamins above
40mg Hops
60mg melissa
second set with magnesium
Omega-3 300mg
Lecithin 500mg
Creatine 1g
L-Arginine 1g
Next day symptom - sleep increased to 10 hours, little headache, performance before sleep was good, in day light time I decided to make some sport instead of doing complex intellectual tasks, I've learned jumping on the rope, to keep bottom muscles ready for next cycle, during first 5 days I also checked list when as clarified to me improvements:
1. Logistic thinking
2. Responsibility reasoning improvements.
3. Visual brain games - lumosity, I did few better result then ever ( aka checking on the time what's wrong in environment you're looking at )
4. Playing on violin - I took it after 1.5 year, just to look about how fast can I remind myself how to play, notified fun over 10 mins, then I stopped, because I'm not in good place to play on violin. ( see point 2 )
5. Social openness, no problem on the edge with assertiveness, both increased as used daily.
6. Vivid vision, could be, personally after first night sleep opening eyes I was thinking I'm on a low dosage of tryptamines or THC, when I looked on the lighs in the room, then in the corners where's more or less light, after 15 mins effect was still there. I assume it's nighly based brain work when Cereb doing it's work when men sleep hard REM.
To be honest, I don't know maybe I'm affected man, who can use it to feel the fixing its environment, but I can say just one, it's this what I was looked before for a long time.

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