Citicoline ? What is an effective dose? Anyone have experience with this?
don't have much experience, because citicoline is expensive, but its GREAT.
100mg 2 times a day makes a difference. i imagine a bigger dose must be great. it gives me mental clarity, i feel good... its great to use it sublingual as soon as you get out of bed. and if you have to smoke cannabis but don't want to feel very "blocked" citicoline is great.
i always got it from the pharmacy. Tried Somazina and Hipercol. oral solution, 100mg/ml. a 60ml bottle is 8 euros i think in Portugal. cheaper than any online source i could find
100-200 mg of Citicoline 2x/3x day with or without each racetams
I think citicoline is one of the most under rated and underappreciated noots out there. 100-200 mg a day works for me.
I've had my second dose of citicoline (250 mg) and maybe it's coincidence, but I am way more awake than usual (even kind of wired!). The first one I took I slept right thru so more experimentation is needed.
Impressive experience, CDP-Choline significantly increased my acetylocholine and dopamine levels (based on my experiences not lab results). Alpha GPC is great too - effects are someway more balanced.
It's good, I like Alpha GPC better. From what I gather CDP works better for some and Alpha for others and the only way to tell is to give both a trial.
Citocholine on an empty stomach or on my morning smoothie alone made me feel nauseous & on edge.
Since taking with a meal its been much more palatable. I am planning on switching to Alpha GPC, once my current CDP choline had run out.
Day 1 of Using Jarrow's Citicoline 250mg capsules 2x a day. I decided today I wanted to try to stay away from stimulants to get a real feel for it. Upon waking I took one cap. I noticed something, hard to really pin point but I was a little more alert and got going faster. I then put 1 Tablespoon of Soy Lecithin in my oatmeal to get a synergistic effect. I felt really good after the oatmeal. Noticed I was more focused when reading. I then took my 2nd dosage 4 hours later. A slight stronger effect this time feeling more alert. I took another tablespoon of lecithin in water soon after this. I still wasn't feeling great or anything though so I took a tablespoon of Cocoa powder before I went to the gym to give me a little jolt. Once I got to the gym and starting working out there's where I noticed the effects. I found to be very focused in my workout as I usually feel the need to rush through it. The mind/muscle connection was stronger. I was driven and stayed focused way longer than usual. The music was also hitting me harder and my mood was much more elevated than normal. A sense of confidence really came over me. Citicoline is a stimulant like feeling kind of built during my workout. I thought " I hope I didn't take too much" but once I finished my workout I was ok. Overall it was a amazing workout and I'm very pleased with the results. I still feel decent. Not terribly tired. I'm surprised and very happy with just day 1 results. The effects should get stronger with time and I will post up more later.

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